96-Year-Old Woman Joins Death Metal Band

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When we get older, many people over the world believe that you are too old for many of the usual activities most people regularly. After all, as they say, your memory and eyesight start to fade away and your hair starts greying the older that you get. When you get older, it’s harder to do certain things like ride on a Ferris wheel or hop onto a carousel.

At the end of the day a lot of people think that when you get older, you don’t have the opportunity to have fun. That’s truly not the case for Inge Ginsberg, a 96-year-old woman who strives to do whatever she can to enjoy herself. She is not letting her age get to her at all as she made up her mind in pursuing something that not many would consider at her age – a musical career. But not just any musical career – a musical career that evolved into her being a vocalist for a death metal band.

Born in Austria, Inge Ginsberg spent a few years at a holocaust refugee camp as a child. As an adult, she relocated to Hollywood with her husband. At the time, they had to rebuild their lives which was incredibly difficult. However, Ginsberg didn’t give up hope and was determined to break into the music industry. Her goal was to compose songs for various artists and she managed to do that. The roster of musicians she composed for included musicians like the pianist Nat King Cole, actress and singer Doris Day and the singer Dean Martin amongst others.

Her career was going well before Hollywood life became harder and harder to handle for her. To Ginsberg, Hollywood was all fake and decided to change things up by switching from composing to writing her own music. The only twist though was she refused to write for other artists and only wrote for herself. Quickly problems started to arise as she had no one around to play the songs that wrote. It was by this point that she got in front of a crowd, holding a microphone and was soon fronting a death metal band that she formed.

The band’s called Tritone Kings and how it was formed is a unique story. Ginsberg at the time managed to outlive her parents but also most of her relatives as well and had gotten very lonely. But despite the loneliness she felt, she refused to give up and decided to give life another shot. She wished for something to do but she wasn’t quite sure what it was. It wasn’t until a musician by the name of Pedro De Siva – a musical collaborator that visited her often – sat down and read one of her songs. It was a song that sparked the idea for her to come up with a death metal band.

After De Siva read the music, he told her the lyrics sounded like death metal lyrics and the two of them formed a four-member band known as the Tritone Kings. Ginsberg now focuses on writing the lyrics for the band while the rest of the band looks after composition. The Tritone Kings have a few original songs but have also made appearances on big TV Shows such as America’s Got Talent and Switzerland’s Got Talent.

All of this goes to show that age is never a limit to not do something.


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