How to Tell if Your Significant Other Needs a Break From You

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Relationships aren’t easy. Strong relationships take a lot of time to build. And that is especially true for the happiest and healthiest relationships, too. They all have issues somewhere in there and it’s natural to experience rough patches. But, when these rough patches never seem to end and you feel like you are doing nothing but arguing, or you’re not seeing each other much, it’s a whole other story. According to experts, when you are feeling this way, it’s a clear sign that your partner needs some space from you. The tricky thing is it’s not that easy to tell, and it’s even harder if they aren’t the best communicator That being said, there are some clear signs that you might need some space.


The first big sign they need space is that their communication style changes. This applies to both face-to-face communication and texting. Keep an eye on their texting speed patterns when they text you. Furthermore, note their attitude when they talk to you. Do they look not as happy to talk to you? If you’re starting to see these patterns, then chances are they need some space.


Another big sign is in their attitude. It seems like an obvious one, but if your partner seems a bit off (or more off than usual if they’re already off as is), then they may need a break. Some big indicators are that they’re not as cheerful when you’re around them. Or perhaps they are saying harsh things they normally wouldn’t, or are more irritable than usual. Even more subtle things like a lack of patience, more sarcasm, and more passive aggressive comments are signs. That being said, you need to be comparing those things with how they usually are on a given day.


And on that note, those overall attitudes will affect their behavior in other ways. Another big sign is they start arguments or even fights with no real reason  This is often because they feel stressed or overwhelmed and irritated, too. As a result, something really small like something you said, or something out of place can trigger them. And the final sign we’ll talk about is that they feel distant. This is another big sign because they are literally distancing themselves from you and making that physical space between you. They may show this sign in other ways as well. The most common one being that they are suddenly unavailable. If they are doing this it’s a warning sign they need a break.


As upsetting as these signs may be, it’s important to remember that a break isn’t always a bad thing. As you may notice from these signs, these signs can lead to further resentment and outright hatred towards one another. You don’t need me to tell you that that’ll ruin relationships. So, taking this break, say a week or so off, will give you and your partner the chance to miss each other once more.  That way, when you two meet up again, you’ll be stronger than ever before. So if your partner is showing these signs, perhaps it’s a good time to sit down and talk to them about this. It’s a gamble for sure, but there is always the chance that you’ll come back as a healthier, and stronger couple.

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