Plastic Straws Aren’t The Problem – Its Single Use Deodorant Packaging

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There have been numerous reports about the effects of plastic straws on the environment, some 500 million per day end up in landfills. But what about single use deodorant applicators?

Even though we use less deodorant applicators than plastic straws, each applicator uses significantly more plastic than we realize.

In 2019, the global antiperspirant and deodorant market is estimated to be worth about 72.7 billion U.S. dollars. This means about 14 and a half billion single use deodorant applicators will end up landfills every year!

This epidemic is reaching critical mass and for years a solution has not existed.

Recently a team of millennials at Myro invented a solution which is revolutionizing the deodorant industry and causing panic for big brand deodorant companies.

Their solution was simple, the easiest way to reduce the number of single use deodorant applicators ending up in landfills every year would be to create a re-usable deodorant applicator with interchangeable pods.

Myro Re-usable Applicator and Interchangeable Pod

With Myro, instead of throwing out the entire applicator after a single use, you can simply insert a new pod and continue on your way while smelling great and reducing the amount of plastic ending up in landfills.

Not only is Myro reducing plastic in landfills, but they invented a better for you, toxin free deodorant with no aluminum, a toxin which are known to cause cancer and Alzheimer’s found in most big brand deodorant.

With 5 beautifully designed re-usable deodorant applicators to choose from and 5 popular scent options, Myro has the perfect combination of style, comfort and sustainability.

Myro Re-usable Deodorant Applicators

Most people would expect a product like this to cost $20 – $30, but the team at Myro has priced their product at just $10 to have maximum impact on the environment.

Demand for Myro has been overwhelming often leaving their products out of stock or unavailable. Shop now while stock remains!

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