Hops For Pops: Why This Beer Machine Is The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

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I’m sure everyone thinks they have the coolest dad around, but my dad really is the best. He’s hardworking, hilarious, and generous, and he’s always motivated me to be the same. Yet when Father’s Day comes around, I always struggle to find him the right gift.
It’s not that he’s picky, nor is he the man who has everything. It’s that he truly deserves something that will bring him endless enjoyment, not just a cheap token of my appreciation. He’s accumulated more than enough ties, trinkets, mugs, and golf memorabilia. He doesn’t need more clutter — he needs something he can actually use.
When I grapple with Father’s Day gift ideas (read: every year), I turn to my close friends for advice. We’ve mostly known each other since middle school, so we know each other’s parents about as well as we know our own. That’s how my pal Dan realized that an in-home minikeg would be perfect for my beer-loving old man.
Dan filled me in on Hopsy, which he’s never had to leave home to enjoy. After he first found Hopsy, it didn’t take him long to turn one little corner of his kitchen into an in-home bar with beer constantly on tap. Hopsy’s special countertop unit doesn’t crowd the counter, a compact way for him to enjoy freshly-tapped beer at home. Each pour from the minikeg is flawless, no matter the brew he loads into the machine. Right when Dan told me how easily he can pour himself a glass of beer whenever he wants one, I knew I’d found the perfect gift for my hops-loving pop.
I headed to Hopsy’s website and saw how easy it would be to set my father up with a SUB Home Tap — that magic countertop machine that turns any kitchen into a little home bar — and a handful of minikegs. Each minikeg, I found out, has as much beer as a standard six-pack does, and Hopsy prices them super fairly.
With close to 1,000 enthusiastic reviews on the Hopsy website, I felt confident when buying SUB Home Tap with the 4-minikeg starter kit. I was even able to pick out the exact brews I’d get for Dad. Hopsy makes choosing easy — it lists the bitterness (IBU) and flavor intensity of each brew so you know whether you’re getting something bitter like an IPA or light like a wheat beer. Hopsy’s menu is stocked with IPAs (my dad’s favorite), lagers, and porters, with the occasional pilsner and limited-edition, seasonal brew available to boot. I knew he wouldn’t struggle to find a new favorite brew or three to enjoy right from home with his minikeg.
When the starter kit arrived at my dad’s house, he was beyond ecstatic. We found a spot on the kitchen counter right next to the barware — I was pleasantly surprised to see how little room Hopsy occupied! Dad absolutely loved it. We put a Brew SA IPA minikeg into the SUB Home Tap with complete ease and poured two glasses to toast to a Father’s Day well spent. (He later told me that him and Mom finished off the rest of the minikeg that night!)
With his Hopsy unit, my dad can’t think of the last time he bought a six-pack. He’s also going to bars less often — why leave home when he can have friends over for some brews? Plus, the novelty of having an actual tap in the house has yet to wear off. Hopsy lets him try new beers or longtime classics (hello, Lagunitas!) right at home, while he watches sports or grills up a steak. He never has to think about restocking, because Hopsy automatically ships him new minikegs on a regular schedule. He’s saving time and up to 25% off store prices without even trying. Joining was risk-free from the jump – Dad can always skip a monthly beer shipment or cancel his Hopsy membership.
I found my dad the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving. I’m completely unsure how I’ll top this Father’s Day gift next year. If you’re one of the many people whose dad loves beer, head to Hopsy’s website now to claim its Father’s Day discount — you’ll pay even less for what’s already the most affordable, efficient, most relaxing way to enjoy some of the best beers around.

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