Four Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Ties

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Let’s face it: You dad probably has more than enough ties to get him through a week or two at work without wearing the same one twice. Although a tie is a timeless Father’s Day gift idea, a great dad deserves something a bit more out of the box (meaning that socks and watches are out of the question, too).

Forgoing such an easy buy for Dad doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re building him something crazy and intricate from scratch, as much as he’d probably enjoy that amount of effort and consideration. Instead, focus your Father’s Day gift shopping on things that show a bit more thought and even practical concern. These four father’s day gift ideas should do the trick.

A leather jacket or messenger bag

It’s true that Dad’s probably not going to put on a leather jacket during the summer. Nevertheless, leather makes a classy, charming gift for a person who’s likely among the classiest, most charming people in your life, so a leather messenger bag is a great option too. A messenger bag works especially great for your dad if he brings his laptop and not much else to work, because who needs a whole backpack if you’re traveling that light?

At-home workout equipment

Many dads love a good trip to the gym. What if you could bring the gym to Dad, forever? Doing so doesn’t have to mean buying something as expensive or large as an elliptical machine or treadmill. Instead, buy your dad a set of resistance bands, a few dumbbells, or even a modest workout bench like the ones seen on so many gym floors. Really, the options for giving your dad at-home workout options are endless and often very affordable — find some inspiration here.

Cutting-edge cookware

Your dad likely already has a grill, because he’s a dad. But does he have an air fryer? A deep fryer? A slow cooker? If not, any one of these is a fairly priced, compact way to step up your dad’s cooking game. If your dad’s less of a chef type and more of a person focused on making and eating his food as quickly as possible, a blender or even a deep wok could really make his Father’s Day. Whatever you get for his kitchen, take some time on Father’s Day to break it in with him.

A smart TV player

Take your dad’s TV viewing game to the next level with a smart TV player. Options such as the Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and even Chromecast will help Dad access TV shows, movies, and even music listening options he might have only previously had on his tablet or laptop. There are few better ways to show your dad Father’s Day love than to give him an easy way to watch as much Netflix as he could dream of on the biggest screen possible.

What are you getting your dad this year for Father’s Day? Sound off in the comments!

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