Millennials Invent Anti-Gravity Chair To Reduce Anxiety

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When I get home after a long day of work, all I want to do is kick off my heels, take a long, deep breath, and relax. Work is stressful and my traffic-laden 45-minute commute can make a rough day even worse. It’s crucial that I use my evenings at home to not just relax, but to truly de-stress, so I can perform at my best the next day. My boss can tell when I didn’t unplug the night before, which makes true relaxation each night a vital priority.

When I started my job at this accounting firm a year and a half ago, I would unwind after work by plopping down in front of the TV and watching Friends reruns. After maybe nine months of this, it became clear that I needed something else to help me disconnect from the day’s tensions. I wasn’t truly letting go of my anxiety and worry like I needed to, and watching “The One Where Rachel Has A Baby” for the 50th time didn’t really make the dent I hoped it would. 

While swapping post-work de-stressing tips with my co-worker Christine, she mentioned that she has tried her hand at meditation, yoga, and going on a walk, and they all help her let go of the day to varying degrees of success. She even tried flotation therapy on a few occasions, which is celebrated for its ability to help relieve stress and anxiety. Flotation therapy helped Christine unwind in ways that no YouTube yoga video ever could, but booking a session every day wasn’t exactly practical.

It was around that same time when Christine saw a Buzzfeed article about a Kickstarter campaign for a bean bag-inspired chair called Moon Pod. This chair was engineered to mimic flotation therapy, so spending time in it could restore the person using it to a calm state. The campaign had been filled in just 15 minutes, so she assumed that Moon Pod must have tapped into something good. She explained that Moon Pod’s machine-washable outer shell gives the chair its shape while the responsive, shell-encased high-density beads realign to support her shape. Where other bean bags don’t really offer support or hold their position, this chair could be bent and twisted to hold anyone of any size properly, whether they want to sit up, recline, or lie down.

Christine test-drove a Moon Pod at home and was pleasantly surprised at how it closely recreated that weightless sensation she craved, all from the comfort of her living room. The chair had clearly lived up to Christine’s expectations and then some, so I decided to try it out. I had two weeks to give it a try or return it if I didn’t achieve the great relaxation experience I was hoping for.

Not going to lie, I loved my first evening relaxing in my Moon Pod. After I set up my Moon Pod next to the living room couch (placement was super easy because it only weighs 12 pounds and only clocks in at four square feet!), I practiced reclining in my Moon Pod just right. Once I positioned myself and sank back, I felt my stress from the day begin to melt away. Christine was 100 percent right – I felt like I was floating. This weightless feeling exposed me to a whole new relaxation experience. I felt the tension slip away from my body – the incredible support offered by Moon Pod meant that my back felt less tight, which is something that I never felt when I sprawled out on my couch. With Moon Pod, I was able to close my eyes and relax without a care – or ache — in the world, a true relaxation.

The next day at work was like a night and day difference. I felt more awake, alert, and mentally prepared to tackle the day’s new and emerging challenges. After just a moment of speaking with Christine, she could tell I had spent a relaxing evening letting my worries wash away. She dubbed it the “Moon Pod” effect, and I couldn’t agree more.

Now, when I relax, I truly relax instead of contending with the unanswered emails and other little anxieties that pile up throughout the day. My mind and my body both truly relax so I can fully focus on the next day’s task with fresh eyes and a clear head. With Moon Pod occupying a special corner in my living room, I’m more relaxed and supported than I could ever be lounging on a standard couch, chair, or recliner.

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  • August 23, 2019 at 11:45 am

    This product looks amazing. Super curious how much it feels like I’m floating, but this 100% will be a perfect napping chair.


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