7 Reasons Why Simple Health Is The Best Way To Get Birth Control At Home

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Two in every three women use birth control, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get. The internet has changed that, with websites such as Simple Health popping up to make birth control easily accessible from home. Here are 7 reasons why birth control users are switching to Simple Health. 

1. Simple Health doesn’t require doctor appointments or pharmacy trips

Getting birth control has long required visits to your doctor’s office for an initial prescription and renewals, and regular pharmacy trips for refills. With Simple Health, you no longer need to spend hours sitting in waiting rooms or standing in line at the pharmacist’s counter. Simple Health makes its online consultations available whenever, wherever, and it delivers birth control right to your doorstep, even if you’ve forgotten you’re due for a refill.

2. Simple Health saves you time

Since you can consult with your doctor on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone from any convenient location, you’re spared the burden of traveling to your doctor’s office and sitting around idly in the waiting room. Plus, you get back all the time you spend trekking to the pharmacy!  So go ahead and head to the Simple Health website while snuggled up in bed in a blanket and PJs — Simple Health doesn’t judge!

3. Simple Health is super affordable

Worried about affording birth control? Then Simple Health is your knight in shining armor. Its initial consultation costs just $20, less than many insurance co-pays. Speaking of insurance, if you have coverage, your monthly birth control refill is likely free. If not, Simple Health only charges $15 per month.

4. Simple Health won’t let you forget your birth control

You know that dreadful feeling when your birth control is about to run out, and you realize that you’re at the end of your pack? Simple Health makes sure that’ll never happen again. Simple Health automatically ships a refill exactly when you need it, so you don’t have to set alarms or reminders to schedule an appointment for a renewal. 

5. Simple Health works not just with you, but for you

Not everyone does birth control the same way. With Simple Health, if you’ve found that a certain birth control pill works better for you than others, you can ask your doctor to prescribe you just that pill. And if you’re not sure what works best for you or you’re brand new to birth control, that’s no issue either! Simple Health’s doctors work with you, for you, to find the best solution for your needs.

6. Simple Health is flexible

When you set up a birth control plan with Simple Health, you’re not locked in for life. Simple Health makes it super easy to change your plan, whether the day after you start or years down the line. Whenever the occasion arises, Simple Health’s doctors are just a few clicks away and ready to address any concerns you have about your plan.

7. Simple Health’s doctors are the best around

Simple Health employs expert doctors that are licensed to practice in your state and specialize in women’s health. These doctors can assess your healthcare records and medical history to develop the best plan for you to help manage your birth control plan on a regular basis.

Give Simple Health a spin today and get a free consultation!

Still not convinced? Give Simple Health a shot, totally on us. Sign up for Simple Health now to have your initial consultation fee waived. If your insurance covers your birth control, this consultation fee waiver makes Simple Health completely free for you – and if you’re not insured, your birth control will only cost $15 per month. Click here to schedule your free consultation with Simple Health.

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