Comparing Simple Health vs. Nurx

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If you’re on birth control, you’re probably pretty on top of your regimen. That said, you likely wish all the doctor’s appointments and pharmacy visits weren’t part of your routine. Nobody likes discovering that they’ve run out of birth control when their reminder alarm goes off, and that’s what makes all these visits necessary.

At-home birth control brands have become a more common solution in recent years – by combining the convenience of at-home renewals and delivery with top-level healthcare, you can get the right birth control prescription and regular refills without leaving home. Two companies, Simple Health and Nurx, have come to dominate this at-home birth control market. Both brands have earned the trust of countless women, but is one better than the other? Read on to find out what they do and don’t have in common.

What Simple Health has in common with Nurx

Convenience. Simple Health, like Nurx, provides you with birth control, all without any doctor’s visits or pharmacy trips. All it takes is an online consultation with a certified medical doctor who writes you a prescription if you qualify. Once that’s done, birth control is delivered right to your doorstep on a regular basis. Forget pharmacy visits – you’ll never miss a refill again!

Affordability. Uninsured or insured, you’ll find that Simple Health is as affordable as Nurx. With most insurance plans, your birth control will be totally free! And if you’re uninsured, you can get birth control for as cheap as $15 per month. Plus, you’ll never pay for shipping.

Accessibility. Many areas in the U.S. are considered “contraceptive deserts.” Like Nurx, Simple Health counters this geographical problem by offering birth control to anyone who needs it, right from home, no matter where they live.

What Simple Health does differently than Nurx

Simpler user experience. There’s a reason it’s called Simple Health. Simple Health is user-friendlier than Nurx, starting the moment you complete your initial consultation and lasting all the way through your regular birth control deliveries. The website is easy to navigate thanks to expert design and a more focused range of products, whereas Nurx’s variety of “add-on” options can muddle both its website and its message.

More choices. Nurx offers more than 50 birth control methods. Simple Health offers more than 100 options, including female condoms covered by insurance. Whether branded or generic birth control forms, Simple Health has you covered no matter your body, lifestyle, or budget. And 100 is only the starting point – Simple Health constantly reassess its offerings to make even more options available.

Top-notch clinical practices and quality. Simple Health is focused on clinical quality, and all its practices and methods are widely approved. To showcase its commitment to high clinical quality, Simple Health even devotes a whole page on its website to its medical advisor, Dr. Rashmi Kudesia.

Thorough medical examinations. Simple Health’s consultations go deeper. Its doctors will review your medical history and conditions one at a time rather than in one huge batch.

Money-back guarantee. Simple Health refunds all consultations that don’t result in a prescription. Nurx, on the other hand, keeps all consultation fees, even when it doesn’t prescribe you anything.

Better health plan coverage. Nurx accepts all major insurance providers. Simple Health does this and more. In addition to accepting all major insurance providers, Simple Health also works with integrated delivery network health plans.

Editor’s Update: Sign up today and get a FREE online consultation through Simple Health.

Simple Health vs. Nurx side-by-side breakdown

Still not sure whether you prefer Simple Health or Nurx? We’ve broken it down for you in an easy to read table below.

Simple HealthNurx
Number Of Birth Control Options100+50+
Live Chat Support OnlineYesNo
Price With Insurance $0$0
Price Without Insurance$15/month$15/month
Money-Back GuaranteeYesNo
Accepts Integrated Care Network Health PlansYesNo
Backed By Expert Local DoctorsYesYes
Delivery CostsFreeFree
Medical ExaminationsOne-by-one medical history and condition reviewMedical conditions reviewed in one batch

How to get started with Simple Health

Convinced that Simple Health is the right choice? Head to Simple Health’s website to schedule your initial consultation. Before you know it, you’ll be talking with a licensed medical professional from the comforts of your home, where your birth control will arrive not long after. And after that, you’ll never leave home for your birth control ever again.
Editor’s Update: Sign up today and get a FREE online consultation through Simple Health.

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