Skylar Is Giving Our Readers 50% Off

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Editors Note: This deal is limited to the first 100 customers and we cannot guarantee it’s availability.

If you read my review of Skylar, an allergen friendly perfume company you’ll know why i’m so excited about this deal!

For the first time ever, Skylar is offering 50% off their ultra popular Scent Club program. The premise is simple, join Skylar’s Scent Club (Cancel Anytime) and use code MY50 at checkout to save an additional 50% off!

To get access to this deal, you must click the red link below.


What Do I Get In The Scent Club?

You’ll receive a new, limited-edition scent every month. Free U.S. shipping, free returns, cancel anytime.

Is Scent Club High Quality? 

Yes! Skylar has over 10,000+ women in their scent loving community AND an average rating of 4.6 / 5 stars.

When Does This Offer End? 

This promotion is only available to the first 100 PeopleHype readers who use code: MY50 at checkout!

What Did You Try From Skylar? 

My favorites have included Arrow – Spicy, warm, and seductive and Capri – Sparkling, zesty, and sweet. This is a winning combination for me!

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