I Tried This Lamp Made For Migraine Sufferers. Here’s What I Learned

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Anyone who has regular migraines will tell you that they’re not only painful, but they’re downright scary. It’s not just a pain that goes away with ibuprofen — migraines make me sick to my stomach and dizzy, to the point where I think I’m going to pass out. When my migraines strike, the only way I can cope is to disappear into a dark room until the migraine fades. I’m not able to do ordinary things like cook, read, or go out with friends. In fact, I can’t do anything at all.

When I eventually saw an NPR article about green light as a migraine solution, I was intrigued, but skeptical. There are a lot of claims out there for migraine solutions — Botox, medication, even daith piercings. How could a lamp help my migraine?

NPR Article

As it turns out, green light is a patented technology developed by a professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rami Burstein. He isolated a natural band of light that could calm the brain, making lighting less harsh for people with migraines and other conditions that cause light sensitivity.  Allay Lamp was born when he sought out a way to make this kind of light an affordable option for migraine sufferers everywhere.  Oh and this green light isn’t some ordinary colored light bulb. Its LEDs emit a super narrow band of light that actually helps (which is what Allay patented).

The Allay Lamp promised to give enough light that activities usually off-limits during a migraine would be accessible again, so I could actually interact with my family while waiting for enough time to pass as to not re-trigger my migraine. Its patent-pending rechargeable design can be carried from room to room, lasting for up to 32 hours on a single charge. I’d have light anywhere in my home without the pain.

I barely hesitated to buy the Allay Lamp. After all, my migraines had gotten more than severe enough to merit something so specialized (plus, when I didn’t need the green light, I could just turn the lamp upside-down to use it as a regular lamp). If my Allay Lamp didn’t work for me within 40 days, I could return it for a full refund, so it was a risk-free buy.

I got to experience the power of the Allay Lamp for myself just a few days later. One of my usual migraines surged, so I shut myself in my bedroom and turned on my Allay Lamp. It’s recommended to spend at least 30 minutes in a dark room with no other light but Allay, so I tried just that. It was already set to the lowest output when I turned it on, so I could ease into the light glowing in my usual dark room and not shock myself with a sudden bright light. The dimmer supports brighter settings, too, so I could increase the intensity as I got used to the green light. 

My Allay Lamp

Once my eyes adjusted to the Allay Lamp, I was surprised to discover that encountering light no longer meant blinding pain. I used the snap-on shade to direct the light in my direction and talked to my husband for a bit without retriggering my migraine, something that’s never happened to me before. I couldn’t be happier to experience freedom from the fear of retriggering a nightmare-inducing migraine! If you too are looking for a way out of migraine purgatory, buy the Allay Lamp today to get $100 off!

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