I’m Treating My Acne Without Leaving Home. Here’s How

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I was plagued by acne in high school, so having adult acne just adds insult to injury. Those unsightly, flame-red pimples aren’t just ugly, but they hurt, too. None of the products I’ve tried in store or found online do much to curb the breakouts. I need something stronger, but my insurance doesn’t cover those pricey prescription medications. In the meantime, I’m approaching 30 and still dealing with the bumps, pimples, and blackheads I had in high school. It’s embarrassing.

Before I found Apostrophe, I felt so defeated about my acne I simply stopped trying. When I saw a Refinery29 article about online dermatologists, that changed. The article said that Apostrophe’s board-certified online dermatologists specialize in acne and will refer patients to in-person doctors if their cases are serious enough, so it sounded legit. Intrigued, I decided to learn more.

That’s how I found out Apostrophe was more than convenient and careful. It also offered acne prescriptions at reasonable prices, even for people like me whose insurance won’t cover acne medications. Apostrophe’s dermatologists could prescribe me high-strength creams and oral treatments without in-person visits, and its affordable prices would cover not just high-quality medications, but the appointment, too. And by not leaving home for my appointment, I’d save not just the money involved in getting to a doctor’s office, but the time – and that has no price tag.

From the get-go, I felt like I was in trustworthy hands. Apostrophe had me complete a thorough intake survey detailing my medical history and skin conditions, and they also required me to submit well-lit pictures of my face with no makeup on. This way, my dermatologist could clearly diagnose my skin condition and determine the proper medication to prescribe.

At my online appointment, my doctor not only reassured me that my acne was treatable, but she prescribed me spironolactone and tretinoin cream. I’d long known that spironolactone combats the hormonal processes behind my acne, but I hadn’t been able to afford it without my insurance covering it until I found Apostrophe. Later, I’d learn that Apostrophe has its own compounding pharmacy, meaning it has total control over the price.

I followed my dermatologist’s instructions for my new medications, and within a month, I was actually seeing results! My skin hadn’t been this clear in a long time. I regularly use Apostrophe to check in with my dermatologist from home and renew these affordable prescriptions for medication, which has made not just my skin clearer, but my mind, too.

If you’re looking for acne treatments that actually work at prices you can afford when your insurance won’t cover medication, then make an appointment with Apostrophe’s online dermatologists now. A clearer, happier you is just clicks away!

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