7 Reasons Work From Home Parents Need Nurture Life

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With many parents working from home now, many of us know the challenge of getting through emails and meetings with kids in the background. Sure, working from home has its perks, but when your kids start begging you for lunch in the middle of an important call, your groove is immediately thrown off. And then you have to actually spend time making the lunch they demand.

With Nurture Life, you can minimize the work involved in prepping lunch – and other meals – while keeping your day on track. Nurture Life meals streamline mealtime all day, every day, for everyone in the family. Here’s why Nurture Life’s healthy, ready-to-eat meals are a lifesaver when you’re working at home with kids.

1. Lunch (or breakfast or dinner) made easy

Nurture Life has ample kid-friendly options for lunch. The Build-Your-Own Pizza isn’t just perfect for kids – it gives them an activity while getting them the lunch they want. When dinner comes and you have more time to cook a full meal, Nurture Life’s Chicken Meatballs with Pasta & Vegetables has plenty of protein to keep the family satisfied, and so does the Egg Bite with Sweet Potatoes & Mini Pancakes breakfast.

2. Everyone can have something they love

Food shopping for the family can mean going to several different stores to satisfy everyone’s needs. Nurture Life delivers options for everyone right to your doorstep, and it portions and balances each meal’s nutrient content by age so both you and your kids get what you need out of mealtime. Plus, you don’t have to worry about pleasing your picky eater – meals range from kid-favorites like Mac & Cheese or Chicken Bites to more adventurous options like Teriyaki Salmon or Lamb & Beef Meatballs.

3. No grocery shopping

If you don’t want to go grocery shopping after work, Nurture Life offers you a completely contactless option for getting food. When you order your meals, Nurture Life delivers them fresh to your doorstep, so you can get all your family’s veggies and meats without leaving the house or interacting with other people.

4. Fewer dishes to clean

It’s not just making lunch in the middle of a busy workday that eats away at your precious time. You’ll also have to tend to the mountain of dirty dishes and kitchenware that comes with meal prep. With Nurture Life, you can say goodbye to greasy stacks of used pots and pans. All Nurture Life meals are ready to eat in at most two minutes and can be served right out of the container.

5. No compromise on nutrition

When you’re working from home and need to quickly prepare your kids’ lunches, sometimes you just can’t quite think about making thoroughly healthy food. With Nurture Life, that’s never an issue. Every Nurture Life meal includes a full serving of veggies, a substantial amount of protein, and little to no added sugar. Nurture Life balances every plate and always promotes the right nutrients for every age.

6. Easily enjoy family dinner

After powering through multiple meetings, a midday tantrum from your toddler, and an onslaught of emails, do you really have the energy to make dinner for the family too? With Nurture Life, you can get a family meal on the table in just minutes, with age-appropriate options for everyone. Beyond Nurture Life’s meals by age, you can also buy shareable family meals that allow you to mix and match to your liking. The most popular combination is Nurture Life’s Truffle Ravioli paired with its Roasted Garlic Haricot Verts.

7. No subscription required

The last thing you want to worry about is getting a surprise bill with a weekly subscription service. That’s why Nurture Life allows you to purchase meals without any commitment. But if you are looking for more commitment, you can sign up for Nurture Life’s subscription plan to enjoy mealtime on autopilot.

Ready for some mealtime help? Head to Nurture Life’s website now to take 25% off any items you want from its menu using code KIDMEALS25. When you order Nurture Life, everyone in the family wins.

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