I No Longer Stress About Family Finances. Here’s Why

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Until recently, I hadn’t realized I might not be adequately guaranteeing my family’s long-term financial security. My wife Francesca and I had been slowly saving for years so our daughters, Marie and Charlotte, could be financially stable in our absence, but Francesca insisted we still weren’t doing enough. She was right.

For months, Francesca touted the idea of life insurance, and at first, I didn’t take it seriously. Why should I pay for something that I won’t actually use? There were so many other things I could buy with that money. But that attitude changed as Francesca told me more about how life insurance would save our daughters a tremendous headache if anything were to happen to us – for just a few dollars. Now, I’m telling you what I learned so other parents can understand why life insurance matters.

I’ll start with the basics. If your kids are suddenly left without your income to take care of themselves – whether because a long-time illness catches up with you or due to an unexpected accident – somebody still has to pay the bills. That doesn’t just mean mortgages and debts – it means the money you’re setting aside for your kids’ college. With life insurance, your family’s income takes far less of a hit if tragedy strikes. It’s a great way to feel reassured about your family if you can no longer provide like you used to.

Life insurance, as it turns out, is nowhere near as expensive as I once thought. This notion may sound strange at first – shouldn’t setting up a lifetime of financial security require lots of money? Francesca and I have both found trustworthy life insurance plans that cost us less than $20 per month. Francesca quickly found super-low premiums after scouring the internet for just a few minutes, and I quickly followed suit.

Though our plans were low-cost, they’d have high value. Our monthly premiums would go toward plans valued at $500,000 – that’s about four times our annual family income. We’d pay what felt like pocket change to give Marie and Charlotte years of stability if something happened to us, and that felt worthwhile despite my prior resistance. Between Francescsa’s persistence and the undeniable numbers in front of me, we both decided to insure ourselves.

During our search, we saw an abundance of low-cost options – so many, in fact, that we needed a thorough side-by-side comparison to make our choice. The many websites we consulted made these comparisons incredibly easy. I realized that this is why over half of Americans have life insurance policies – online services made understanding the plans and making a purchase super easy. Francesca and I signed up for our plans while sitting right next to each other, and we were relieved we finally found an easy way to secure our kids’ futures.

We did that nearly a year ago. Since then, we’ve been nothing but thrilled with our life insurance plans. I speak for both of us when I say that our only regret was not buying our plans sooner. Now that we’re insured, we can ensure Marie and Charlotte that we’ll be there for them – even when we’re not.

If my story has compelled you to consider your life insurance options, you can begin your journey right now. Just click here to compare plans, sign up for a policy, and take a significant and important step toward caring for your family forever and always.

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