Spot & Tango’s Unkibble Is FINALLY Back In Stock – But Its Selling Out Fast

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As you probably have already heard, Spot And Tango’s Unkibble (Affordable High Quality Dog Food) is sweeping the nation and has been sold out for months.

Unkibble is FINALLY back in limited stock and our readers can save 50% by using discount code PEOPLEHYPE50 at checkout.


Is it really site wide?

Yes, everything is 50% off. Not only is the code valid on Unkibble, it can be used on the Spot And Tango’s Locally Sourced Fresh Dog Food as well.

Spot And Tango’s Unkibble

Is Spot And Tango high quality? 

Yes! Spot & Tango is always locally sourced, human grade ingredients. This means these dog foods are rated for human consumption.

Verified Spot & Tango Customer Review

When Does This Offer End? 

This promotion runs through the end of the month, but readers have reported that many of the most popular items are already sold out for new customers.

What Did You Buy From The Sale? 

For my pug Butterball, I ordered the duck Unkibble and and she LOVES it.

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