I Feel Like I’m 30 Again Thanks To Nugenix

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I just turned 47, and the celebrations were exciting, but overall, my 40s have been a mixed bag. Don’t get me wrong – my wife and two daughters bring immense joy into my life, my job is great, and I’ve made great friends who come over every Sunday to watch football and grill. None of that, though, has changed my feeling of progressively slowing down as I’ve moved through my 40s.

Physically, I’d been feeling okay. Not awful, but not as energetic and healthy as I was in my 30s. That means when we go on our monthly family hike, I’m the one who lags behind even though I used to lead. It means way slower starts to my work mornings, too. All I wanted was to feel how I did back in my early 30s, and in scouring the internet for solutions, I discovered the men’s formula Nugenix.

Nugenix is the formula I needed

Previously, I assumed men’s formulas were downright sketchy products, but everything I read about Nugenix eased my concerns. Nugenix proudly states that it avoids three major men’s formula problems: unscientific formulation, random dosages, and fringe ingredients. Nugenix’s composition is instead based on extensive research and physician input while leaving the unsafe fillers and stimulants behind.

This GNC-endorsed supplement is backed by research

At first, Nugenix seemed too good to be true, but then I read about some of the awards it’s won. It won GNC’s Product of the Year award in 2017 and has since remained the chain’s top-seller (and I get my multivitamins at GNC, so this endorsement is huge). One of its ingredients, ElevATP®, won the “Sports Nutrition Ingredient Of 2018” award. Clinical studies have correlated another ingredient, Testofen®, with increases in testosterone levels.

That clinical studies bit intrigued me. It seemed like Nugenix was using sound scientific practices to make its products – exactly the opposite of what I assumed a men’s formula would be. I looked into this and saw that Nugenix indeed has an in-house staff of scientists and formulators, plus a doctor who reviews and approves their products. It also has plenty of enthusiastic customer reviews, with some people saying they experienced effects in just weeks. 

I felt young again after two weeks

Since Nugenix takes its products seriously (and, clearly, so did the men’s health community), I decided to claim my two week sample earlier this summer. And the hype proved true – within weeks, I felt renewed and rejuvenated. I no longer moved about my mornings slow as a tortoise, and that high energy held during my workdays too. During September’s family hike, I kept up with everybody just fine and felt way less exhausted the next day. It really was like being young again, thanks to science.

After I used up the two week sample, I’ve continued taking Nugenix and vow never to return to my slower old self – I’ve consistently felt strong and energetic. These scientifically sound, thorough health benefits haven’t faded for me, and you too can start to experience them. Just visit Nugenix’s website to claim your 14-day sample and start your journey toward safely reviving the old you!

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