Kai Greene Found Meaning In Bodybuilding. Here’s How He’s Helping Me Do The Same.

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I’ve always considered myself an amateur bodybuilder. Amid 2020’s stay-at-home orders, I missed the social parts of not just bodybuilding, but all areas of fitness. I was desperate to lift with friends, spot other folks, and share my favorite nutrition tips with my lifting community. While my passion was fully invested into bodybuilding, I had dedicated a generous amount of time to helping friends & family get on track with their fitness goals in the past. I promised myself that when the world reopened, I’d re-enter with a renewed commitment to what I loved. I knew I could do more in this world to help others, and I decided to turn my hobbies into a career.

So when my personal bodybuilding hero Kai Greene announced his ISSA ambassadorship, it sparked my interest to learn more about what the ISSA has to offer. After researching what potential doors could open for me, I knew this was the spark I needed to charge my life and jumpstart my career!

ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, offers a Strength & Conditioning course that Kai completed decades ago. Kai has said that he took ISSA’s Strength & Conditioning course because fitness transformed his life and made each day meaningful. ISSA so strongly helped him elevate his life that he’s now creating ISSA-exclusive e-books and workout tips.

Kai Greene

I have always looked up to Kai for inspiration in both fitness and life in general. He has a unique perspective on life, and philosophies that speak to me. I knew I had to get Kai’s ISSA exclusives to dig deeper into his mindset and training techniques. He’s been perfecting his physique since he was 13 and honing his craft for decades. Kai’s story is inspiring: He bounced from foster home to foster home and residential treatment centers from age six onward. He felt like an outcast which caused him to act out – until Kai discovered the gym and took control of his life.

Fast forward all these years later, and Kai has placed top-three in 24 bodybuilding competitions since 1994, including four times in the Mr. Olympia contest. He turned his tough circumstances into success. Through his ISSA partnership, he’s empowering me and others like me to do the same. The best part is that ISSA’s Strength & Conditioning classes have made my journey completely smooth sailing.

ISSA’s online, accelerated Strength & Conditioning program gives me all the resources and tools I need to learn the science underlying exercise and peak athletic performance. I possessed the base knowledge needed to execute movements, but this took my skills to a whole new level. Mastering movements for individuals with disabilities, injuries, or other conditions was eye opening to me. I knew these were the skills necessary to make a name for myself in the fitness industry, this information is not something you’ll stumble across on the internet or in conversation at the gym. These resources include hundreds of exercises and an accredited, untimed, open-book final exam. I’m only spending two hours per day studying, so I’m meeting all my usual obligations just fine. And I’m on pace to get my certificate in just two months!

Kai Greene and ISSA have given me a flexible, comprehensive way to make my dreams a reality. Even for those whose passion is not geared towards bodybuilding, the ISSA offers dozens of courses in all areas of fitness including yoga, sports nutrition, and much more. I’m confident that when I finish my courses, I’ll be ready to find a job doing what I love – and if I don’t within six months, ISSA will fully refund me! So if you find Kai’s story as inspiring as I do, what are you waiting for? Click here now for your free ISSA evaluation kit – a rewarding, meaningful life is around the corner!

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