Working On My Feet All Day Was Painful. Then I Found Snibbs.

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Working in a restaurant means I’m on my feet all day, so by the end of each shift, my feet are absolutely killing me. My co-workers say the same, and so do my nurse friends who are also non-stop for hours at a time. We’ve all tried to find comfort with drugstore insoles that barely fit our shoes, and none of us have the spare change for custom orthotics that may or may not fit into the shoes required at work. I just assumed that being uncomfortable was the price of loving my restaurant work. Then, I started wearing Snibbs shoes.

Unlike almost every other shoe, Snibbs is made for and by people who spend full workdays on their feet. Snibbs’ founder comes from the restaurant world, and he worked with a renowned orthopedic surgeon to design these shoes for folks like him and his restaurant co-workers. From my time wearing Snibbs, I can firmly say that their expert design and custom-formulated insoles mean comfort both during my restaurant shifts and long after I head home.

Snibbs is great for my restaurant lifestyle thanks to not just its support but its water and slip resistance. Kitchen floors get greasy, and you never know who might accidentally spill a glass of water near you, but Snibbs ensures I can step more confidently around the kitchen and the dining room. No more near-falls in oily kitchens – with Snibbs, I’m stable and supported all day long (and as a server, my days are long).

I realized Snibbs was more than just some ordinary shoe company when I read enthusiastic reviews from actual restaurant workers like myself. The review that really persuaded me came from a server who often walks six miles per shift (if that sounds crazy to you, you’ve never been a server!). This reviewer said that in their two decades on the job, only Snibbs had proven thoroughly comfy and supportive. What an endorsement! I knew I had to try Snibbs.

I went with the eye-catching black Spaceloud work sneaker, and doing so was risk-free. All Snibbs shoes come with free shipping, a 30-day free trial, and free size exchanges, because Snibbs knows it often runs half-a-size small. Not that I needed an exchange: I bought half-a-size up as suggested, and within the first few hours of my first shift wearing my Spacelouds, I felt like I was walking on water.

My love for Snibbs hasn’t diminished since. My Spaceclouds continue to be supremely comfy and supportive – they’re indeed as long-lasting and robust as Snibbs says. Most of my restaurant and nurse friends have also switched to Snibbs, and if you’re on your feet all day, you can buy Snibbs now at a limited-time discount! Sign up for Snibbs’ newsletter for 10% off your first order. The markdown is obviously great, but a lifetime of on-the-job comfort is priceless.

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