My 12-Hour Hospital Shifts Were Unbearable. Then I Found Snibbs.

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Being a nurse means I’m on my feet for 12-hour shifts, so by the time I clock out and head home, I’m absolutely exhausted and my feet and calves ache like no other. I knew I needed quality footwear or to invest in orthotics to help me feel supported and comfortable during such hectic shifts, but it’s nearly impossible to find affordable, long-lasting shoes that protect the health of our feet. Not only did these shoes need to be supportive, but they needed to keep me feeling safe and stable while running around the hospital.

I’ve tried the classic comfy slip-on sneaker, but they rubbed against my heels so much I ended up with blisters. Next, I tried drugstore insoles with my sneakers, and they just didn’t cut it. The gel didn’t sit correctly on my feet and just made it more difficult to fit into my shoes. I began to wonder, How can I ever fully care for my patients when I’m walking around in pain every day? I felt like I’d never find an answer until I discovered Snibbs.

Unlike other shoes, Snibbs is designed for people like me who spend all day on their feet. Snibbs’ founder comes from the restaurant industry, so he knows what it’s like to be on your toes during long shifts. He worked with renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jason Snibbe, who shared his master craft and expertise to help engineer the Snibbs’ shoe. Dr. Snibbe designed the shoes to have the cushioning reduce strain on the foot, especially from hard hospital floors. They certainly got the job done: I can wholeheartedly say that Snibbs’ custom-formulated insoles keep me feeling energetic and comfortable throughout my shift. 

It gets better: Snibbs are both water- and slip-resistant. That’s a huge deal since I’m moving quickly all day long. In my Snibbs shoes, I can move without being worried about slipping while dodging wet spots. Between the pain relief and the easier movement, I’m starting to feel like I’m on cloud nine as I care for my patients!

It certainly helps that my Snibbs shoes are affordable and cute! Snibbs look like an ordinary sneaker that I could wear to the gym or out for a night of fun. They’re available in black, white, and charcoal; I chose white because it feels energizing to look down and see a blast of sparkling brightness. And if you’re a healthcare worker like me, you know energy’s always in short supply!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Can Snibbs shoes really be comfortable, slip-proof, waterproof, affordable, and adorable? I had the same questions until I saw hundreds of rave reviews from healthcare workers like me on Snibbs’ website. Backed by a 30-day trial and free size exchange, I felt confident to take the plunge. After reading through extensive praise from actual people, I knew Snibbs was the real deal. Of course I clicked “add to cart!”

That all happened months ago – I’ve been wearing my Snibbs every shift since and loving them so much I ordered a second pair in another color! If you too are a healthcare worker tired of sore feet, I couldn’t recommend Snibbs more highly for you, plus there’s never been a better time to get them. Now, when you sign up for the Snibbs newsletter, you’ll get 10% off! A lifetime of caring for patients and yourself is just clicks away.

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