Work In A Barber Shop? You NEED These Shoes! Here’s How Snibbs Changed My Shifts

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Working as a barber means I’m on my feet all day, with maybe a quick break for lunch or to take a short breather between clients. I needed to find something that provided comfort and stability for a long work day so I can focus on my customers. Snibbs saved the day!

Unlike regular sneakers, Snibbs use long-lasting, robust materials that provide comfort all day long. The company’s founder knows what long shifts on your feet are like: He worked in the restaurant industry for years, so he knows the unique foot pain that comes with standing all day long. With that in mind, he designed Snibbs alongside a renowned orthopedic surgeon for people like us. He nailed it: Snibbs’ expert design and custom-formulated insoles give me more than enough support during my long shifts. 

Another big perk of Snibbs is that they’re water- and slip-resistant, and that matters a lot in the barber shop where things get messy and hair falls all over the place. So yeah, Snibbs’ water- and slip-resistance is a huge deal for me. And with Snibbs curing my aching foot pain too, I’m feeling like these shoes were a gift from up above!

You’re probably wondering, “Okay, these shoes are comfy, but do they look good?” Yes! They look like any other cool name-brand sneaker, but they feel way better. They come in three colors: black, white, and charcoal. Since my typical uniform consists of all black, I first bought my Snibbs in – you guessed it – black. And then, when I actually got to experience their comfort for myself, I bought a second pair in charcoal. I wear them both nonstop!

If you want to see for yourself how much Snibbs can improve a day spent on your feet, just do what I did and check out the reviews on Snibbs’ website. There, I saw hundreds of people in many industries rave about their new favorite shoes. I knew I had to try them too, and Snibbs made that easy. Snibbs offers a 30-day free trial and free size exchanges, too, which made me feel comfortable with my purchase choice.

With Snibbs, getting started was a breeze, and now, so too are my long days at the barber shop. As I’m breaking out my scissors and greeting one customer after the next, I’m not thinking about how my feet are screaming at me. Plus, now is the perfect time to grab your first pair. When you sign up for the Snibbs newsletter, you’ll get 10% off. A lifetime of comfort is truly that easy.

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