7 Reasons You Should Make the Gym Your Office in 2022

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Quick Read: You can become an ISSA certified personal trainer in as little as 4 weeks + get guaranteed employment. Follow THIS LINK to get more information.

Once upon a time, you may have felt content sitting at your desk job from 9 to 5. But the recent work-from-home shift may have forced you to look inward and reassess your career. If the pandemic has you considering a more active career choice, you’re not alone. Thankfully, ISSA’s personal trainer certification is here to help you make that change.

ISSA-certified trainers work in gyms, from home, or wherever they want. They’ve abandoned the inactive, often-unhealthy desk-job lifestyle for active, inspiring work that feels like a dream, while being a fulfilling reality, both professionally and personally. Here’s why ISSA’s personal trainer certification is the best way for you to make this shift, too.

1. Get paid to stay fit

As an ISSA-certified personal trainer, you’ll literally get paid to keep up with your fitness regimen. No more squeezing in gym runs before or after work – now, both are one and the same! There’s just no easier way to live a healthy lifestyle and stay motivated the whole way through.

2. Get certified in under four weeks

Most career changes require years of education, which makes patience a true virtue. But with ISSA, you can get your personal trainer certification in just four weeks or less! Once you’re certified, you can head out into the world and get clients while staying as fit as ever.

3. Forget the endless debt

Just as most career changes are time-consuming, they’re also expensive – but ISSA is an exception to that rule. You can start your personal trainer certification program with $0 down, and later, you can arrange customizable payment plans that fit your budget. Pursuing a more inspiring, fulfilling career has never been so affordable!

4. Learn on your own schedule

If the idea of classrooms and commutes sounds exhausting, fret not – ISSA’s personal trainer certification program is entirely online. That means you can move through it at your own pace, on your own schedule. With ISSA, your other time commitments won’t stop you from making a big change.

5. Help others transform their lives

As a personal trainer, you’ll be integral to helping other people achieve their fitness goals. And really, there are few better feelings than helping others help themselves. Even better, you’ll be helping yourself – keeping yourself fit comes with the job description. The rewards are financial, emotional, and physical.

6. Gain clients and job success

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that personal trainer employment will grow 15 percent between 2019 and 2029. That means there’s a ton of potential to succeed in a fast-growing industry! As an ISSA-certified personal trainer, you’ll have no trouble finding people who pay you to exercise and stay fit with them. Plus, with ISSA’s Kickstarter and Top Trainer programs, they will help you find your first 5 clients in under 5 weeks!

7. Find a job, guaranteed!

ISSA is so confident that you’ll get work with your new certification that you’ll get your money back if you don’t secure employment within six months. Between this money-back guarantee, the promising job market, and the rapid, inexpensive, flexible education, the ISSA personal trainer certification program is among the lowest-risk ways to make a change. And getting started couldn’t be easier, so why wait? Visit ISSA to begin your transformation right now!

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