Name Brand Wigs Top 5 Best Sellers Will Make You Feel Effortlessly Beautiful

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Name Brand Wigs carries seemingly endless options from more than 30 wig brands – talk about choice! Each wig on its website has multiple pictures, a video, and an in-depth description. So now is the time to skip the disappointing salon experience and try Name Brand Wigs. When you call their customer service line you will be greeted by a friendly rep who knows everything about each wig and will help you narrow down your search. 

Although Name Brand Wigs has an unbelievably large number of stunning options to choose from, we narrowed our list down to their Top Five Best Sellers:

1. Noriko Wigs – Alva #1715

This wig’s exact vibe is “I’m professional, but can enjoy a night out on the town.” The Noriko – Alva is flirty, fun, and trendy! It’s a collarbone-length wig with stunning layers and comes in a dozen rich colors.

2. Noriko Wigs – Angelica #1625

The Noriko – Angelica looks healthy-looking and voluminous! Seriously – the Angelica is a great choice for waking up, immediately putting on, slipping on a nice outfit, and then just heading out. What a dream — no more hair styling! It even has adjustable tabs for a more comfortable, natural fit. 

3. Estetica Wigs- Avalon 

The Estetica – Avalon wig has the flirtiest, most perfect curls. It’s not your over-the-top, picture-perfect set of curls, but instead, the curls give off a more natural, “I don’t use a ton of product” look. The wig falls just below the shoulders and comes in so many fun colors: dark chocolate smoke, subtle brown, dirty blonde ombre, you name it. 

4. Noriko Wigs – Jackson #1669

Thee Noriko – Jackson’s offers a simple yet mature look. It’s a sleek, shoulder-length wig perfect for everyday wear. Plus, it’s available in so many color options for that just back from the salon look! Imagine looking that fresh every day?

5. Jon Renau Wigs – Ignite #5142

The Ignite wig from the Jon Renau collection is the perfect, short style wig that combines smart and sexy, and its colors are beautifully blended and layered. It truly looks like natural hair! 

How do I get started?

Do you want to leave your house everyday with salon-style hair without any hassle? Are you ready to cover up your damaged hair? Then head over to Name Brand Wigs now and for a limited-time only get 30% off select wigs. What are you waiting for? 

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