I’m Getting My Best Sleep in Years Thanks to Parachute! Here Are My Parachute Faves.

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Recently, I hunted down the best possible bedding after far too long tossing and turning under rough sheets. Sure, I could’ve taken 15 minutes to swing by a local big box store, but their sheets, though kind of soft and very inexpensive, would pill within one wash cycle. They also never quite fit my bedroom’s aesthetic. I didn’t know where to find affordable, lush bedding that lasted long and fit my interior design until my sister-in-law introduced me to Parachute

With Parachute, it took just a few clicks to get super-soft, long-lasting bedding that matches everything else in my room. I even got myself the best bathrobe I’ve ever owned! Parachute proved the perfect one-stop shop for all my home decor and bedding needs – and it can be yours too. Here are my top three must-have Parachute items to help you work toward that perfect night of sleep time and again.

1. Linen and percale sheet sets

From linen to percale and brushed cotton, Parachute’s sheet options are virtually endless. So too are their colors! And it all comes with high quality I just haven’t found elsewhere. Parachute also boasts an Oeko-Tex certification, meaning the process of creating these silky-soft bedsheets lacks harmful chemicals or synthetics. High-quality bedding doesn’t have to hurt me or the earth!

After looking through all of Parachute’s sheet sets, I went with the Linen Sheet Set in a light, unobtrusive gray-white color called “bone.” Parachute’s linen is manufactured in Portugal with 100% European flax, which feels seriously out of this world. The bone color is also perfect for my neutral, modern bedroom. And with Parachute’s numerous other colors, you can match your sheets to whatever style you desire. 

2. Cotton and box linen quilts

With gorgeous linen sheets in my cart, I needed a high-quality quilt to match. Enter Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Quilt, a perfect combination of soft, warm, and – most importantly – extremely fluffy. Parachute’s cotton quilts are made with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton and feature a 100% poly batting fill, giving them the texture of a cloud. 

Alongside this dreamy texture comes immense durability. Gone are the days when I’d buy a new quilt every season since each one would get ruined in the washer! With Parachute, my ultra-soft, beautiful bedding lasts a lifetime. 

3. Robes 

I was itching to truly relax in my super comfy new bedsheets, so I knew I needed a lush robe too. And with Parachute, I found a robe that was both luxurious and a perfect match for my room’s aesthetic. My bone-colored Cloud Cotton Robe lavishly complements my bedding purchase. It’s just the right color, and it’s soft as could be. 

The best (and most unexpected) part is that, every time I wash my Parachute robe and bedding, the better everything feels! I’ve already washed it all a handful of times, and instead of it all pilling and getting rough, it feels softer and softer with each wash. I said earlier that Parachute lasts a lifetime, and that might actually be an understatement – more accurately, it ages like a fine wine.

If you too want in on Parachute’s heavenly bedding and robes, now couldn’t be a better time to make your purchase! For a limited time, Parachute is offering free ground shipping! You’re just a few clicks from picture-perfect, incomparably cozy bedding and relaxation – and night after night of restful, luxurious sleep. 

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