Was Drake Arrested in Sweden?

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A rumor has been circulating over the last week that rapper and hip-hop artist Drake was arrested in Sweden while on a personal trip to Europe last week. What happened, is the rumor true, and is Drake okay? Read on below to find out.

Why did the rumor start?

Last week, rapper Drake took a trip to Europe, and his private jet “Air Drake” landed in Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday, July 13th. Within a day of landing, there were rumors spreading about Drake’s arrest all over social media, and #FreeDrake was soon trending.

The rumor spreading was that local Swedish police arrested Drake and several others in his group at a nightclub in Stockholm on charges of illegal marijuana usage.

The team’s statement

Representatives from Drake’s team multiple times denied that he was arrested and claimed that he was never at a nightclub in Stockholm. According to the team, Drake was in his hotel in Stockholm on the night of July 14th.

Local news agencies reported that Drake visited the Östermalm district of Stockholm and went to a restaurant called Ciccio’s on the night of July 13th, but local news couldn’t confirm what Drake was doing the night of July 14th.

Drake’s Instagram post

Contrary to the official statements made by his team, Drake’s Instagram post last Sunday seemed to confirm that he had been arrested in Sweden. Among a series of photos from his trip was a picture of a document titled “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained.” The document lists the rights of those being detained and states that the detainee will be released as soon as possible and an interrogation will be held.

Drake didn’t directly comment on the rumors of his arrest, and the Instagram post was simply captioned “I wanna see Ibiza Chubbs fam…”, a reference to his friend Chubbs dancing in one of the other pictures posted.

Could Drake be in trouble?

Drake is back in the United States, so odds are he’ll be in no serious trouble from the incident. By Swedish law, technically, a marijuana violation could result in up to 18 years of imprisonment, but in reality, the majority of cases are settled out of court and never even go to trial. It’s likely that Drake’s celebrity status helped him in this case, if the rumors are true. Most likely, Drake and his security guards, who were also detained, will be fined but not subject to any other legal penalties.

Do Americans have legal protection in other countries?

This isn’t the first time an American celebrity has allegedly gotten in trouble for marijuana violations overseas, as recently, WNBA player Brittney Griner was arrested in Russia for carrying vaporizer cartridges containing cannabis oil. The protections that American citizens are afforded differ from country to country, so it’s important for people traveling abroad to be aware of the laws in different countries.

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