The Latest Updates on Anne Heche’s Untimely Passing

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Last week, it was tragically announced that actress Anne Heche had passed away in a hospital in California. Heche had been involved in a severe car accident a few days prior and suffered extreme burns and other wounds. Read on below for the latest information about Heche’s passing, her surviving family, and more.

Who was Anne Heche?

Anne Heche was an award-winning actress known for her work in several popular movies and TV shows in the 90s, as well as a selection of independent films in the early 2000s. She performed on the TV show Another World from 1987 to 1991, for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award and two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Heche held major roles in several large films in the 1990s, including Donnie Brasco, Volcano, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Wag the Dog, Six Days, Seven Nights, and Return to Paradise.

What happened?

On August 5th, residents of the Mar Vista neighborhood in Los Angeles saw Heche, in her Mini Clubman, careen into the garage of an apartment complex and then into a house, resulting in a severe fire. The car crash and the fire that spread from it took nearly 60 firefighters to put out, and Heche wasn’t able to be removed from the vehicle for nearly an hour.

The house Heche hit suffered major structural damage and was left uninhabitable and with nearly all of the owners’ personal possessions destroyed.

Anne Heche’s coma

Following her removal from her crashed vehicle, Heche was transported to the hospital on a stretcher, where she lost consciousness and entered a coma. A blood sample taken from Heche at the hospital revealed that she had been under the influence of narcotics when she had crashed, which had been suspected by those who saw it happen.

The official announcement from Heche’s representative said, “At this time she is in extreme critical condition she has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.”

Organ donation

On August 11, it was revealed that Heche was expected to pass away due to brain injury. While alive, Heche had expressed wishes to be an organ donor, so she was kept alive on life support until suitable candidates could be found for donation.

Heche was soon after declared brain dead and considered legally dead under California state law. On August 14, donation recipients were found for several of her vital organs, and the donation process was handled that day.

Anne Heche’s passing

On the evening of the 14th, it was announced that Heche had peacefully passed away. She died at the age of 53 and left behind her two sons, Homer and Atlas. The boys will continue to be taken care of by their fathers, Coley Laffoon and James Tupper respectively. Heche’s mother Nancy is a therapist and motivational speaker, and she is still alive but had little to no relationship with Heche at the time of her death. 

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