How much money do people spend on drinking?

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How often do you go out to dinner with your partner, and have that extra glass of wine? Have you ever thought just how much money you spend on drinking? How much do you think people around the globe spend on it? These facts will literally blow your mind! There is one story of a man who claims how he has saved so much money when he quit drinking just for a month that he was able to afford a down payment on a pickup truck. Can you just imagine that? While he was certainly drinking more than the average person, many people can save money by taking a pointer from the list below.

First, how much you spend obviously depends what type of a drinker you are. If you are a casual drinker, you may save a few hundred dollars per month if you stop drinking. But what about those binge drinkers? Well, you can guess that the amount is double than the casual drinkers. Also, it depends on the type of alcohol those people are drinking. Wine has the perception (with some medical proof) of being healthier, but it can be deadlier to your bottom line. Even casual drinkers of wine can spend upwards of $500 a month on wine!

So, how can you save money if that cocktail is your guilty pleasure? First off, stop drinking daily. Try to cut out that mindless beer because it’s hot out, or drink just because. Additionally, don’t rely on alcohol to celebrate. I think that would be the best advice and the easiest one to implement. 

The next thing you can do is educate yourself on what you really like. If you find a signature cocktail that you truly enjoy, perhaps you’ll be happy having just one of those, rather than jumping from drink to drink, consuming (and spending) so much more.

Lastly, and the thing that’s likely most important, is finding things to do that doesn’t involve drinking. Many adults rely on alcohol as a means of entertainment, or social lubricant in potentially awkward situations (like dating). But what could you do instead? Most cities have great museums, or architecture tours, which usually have free or discount days and times.

Finding alternatives to drinking, and making sure to truly enjoy your drink when you do imbibe are ways to ensure you’re not mindlessly spending on alcohol. Any other thoughts on ways to save? Comment below.

One thought on “How much money do people spend on drinking?

  • September 1, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Thankfully, I don’t drink that much and thus save myself that bill.


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