I’m On Track To Save Hundreds On My Electric Bill This Year

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I’m truly shocked at how much of my paycheck goes straight to the electric company.

I’ve done everything in my power to keep that bill down. My heat stays on 67 degrees, I habitually turn the lights off whenever I leave the room, and I even unplug my toaster when it’s not in use! Even with these small measures, the bill is still around $180 per month or more for my family of four — way higher than the average American electric bill at around $115 per month. That’s money I’d rather put into savings in case, God forbid, my children get sick or I get furloughed at work.

As much as I’ve incorporated these little tricks into my home life, there are some things that I just can’t help. We need heat in winter and air conditioning in summer. We need to keep the fridge plugged in. We need to keep the lights on for longer when the clocks change. But there must be something I can to bring these charges down.

I shared these concerns with my neighbor, and it turns out he had the exact same concerns as me. His bill was way higher than mine, at more than $250 a month on average, but it only occurred to him how much money he was wasting when his son fell on the playground and broke his arm. He had to take a few days off work — and spend a good amount of money out of pocket — to take care of this emergency. That incident inspired him to take a closer look at his bills, to see where he could cut to be more prepared in the event of another emergency. That’s when he signed up for Arcadia Power, and in just a few months, he slashed his energy bill by 30 %. I immediately went to their website to find out how I can sign up.

Although Arcadia is best known for its work advancing the everyday use of renewable energy sources, the incredible “side benefit” is that it’s simply cheaper to source electricity from solar and wind. I watched Arcadia’s explainer video and took two minutes to register.

How Arcadia Power Saves Me Money

The magic isn’t in what Arcadia’s environment-focused business model is or even how it achieves this model. Instead, the savings come from an entirely separate tool that Arcadia offers to account holders.

You see, Arcadia doesn’t actually switch your power source to solar and wind, which means there’s no equipment to install or complicated switch to make. Instead, it buys into wind farms and solar panels, offsetting the cost of the regular, “dirty” energy distributed by the local utility provider. And since renewable resources are cheaper than traditional resources, the savings are passed on to folks like me.

Arcadia Power goes beyond simply crediting cheaper sources of electricity. The company has developed this absolutely life-changing  dashboard tool which demonstrates exactly how much electricity we’re using, when we’re using it, and when it’s actually cheaper to use it. This tool showed me when, how, and in which parts of our home we can use electricity the smart way, and the big payoff . For example, we learned that it’s actually cheaper to run the dishwasher late at night, because it’s far more affordable to use electricity at that time. And to use this service, Arcadia can save you money for providing you this service.

I’ve been using Arcadia for about 3 months now, and my electric bill has gone down an average of 18% each month. All I needed to do was connect my electric bill with Arcadia’s free tool and check in with my habits to make easy changes. The result is more money in my savings account — and peace of mind that my hard-earned money isn’t going to waste. I never thought I’d say this about the electric bill, but we’re actually empowering our financial futures thanks to Arcadia Power!

You can do the same if you sign up with Arcadia, and now’s a great time: the company will give a $20 Amazon gift card to any new registrants. Saving money on your electric bills and earning extra spending money? Arcadia makes it tough to say no.

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