Eight Cocktail Recipes To Liven Up Any Night

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Cocktails are an amazing way to enjoy alcohol. In these drinks, fruits, spices, and/or herbs work together to elevate the flavor profile of hard alcohol.

Anyone who drinks likely has a story of going to a bar or restaurant and dropping double digits on a cocktail (and, often enough, reacting with surprise and a bit of anger at how small the drink winds up being — or how little alcohol the cocktail has). If you’re looking to stay on a budget while still enjoying some delicious party drinks, you can always make cocktails at home instead.

Most homemade cocktail recipes will suggest using a shaker for optimal mixing and texture, but if you stir vigorously enough, you should be fine. Either way, give these quick and easy cocktail recipes a go!

Apple Cinnamon Whiskey Smash. For this delightful, crisp cocktail recipe, courtesy of Hunger Thirst Play, break out the saucepan and have plenty of apples, cinnamon, and whiskey on hand. You shouldn’t need more than a few minutes to throw this one together!

Tropical Rum Punch. Living Lo Curto, which came up with this recipe, describes the taste of this punch as like being “transported to a tropical beach.” Gather island-inspired fruits, fruit juices, and vodka and mix them all together, with ample ice to keep things cool.

Cucumber Gin and Tonic. Gin and tonic is a timeless cocktail staple, and this modification of it, courtesy of The Kitchn, doesn’t take much to pull off! Just add some cucumber slices to a pitcher of gin and tonic to make this classic even more sharp and refreshing than it usually is.

White Wine Sangria. Many drinkers associate sangria with red wine, but a white wine version exists too! A Dash Of Soul has the secret for mixing fruits, sugar, and sparkling water with your favorite white wine for a take on a wine lover’s classic.

Coconut Margarita. Coconut water and coconut milk mix with tequila and triple sec in this recipe from With Salt And Wit. This recipe is designed with lower carbohydrate and fat intake in mind, since most margaritas are far from light on sugar.

Mint Julep. All you need to do is mix sugar, water, mint, and bourbon for this cooling drink. Serious Eats has the recipe for this one. Keep a wooden spoon on hand and use a tall glass and your homemade mint julep should turn out great!

Bellinis. These bottomless brunch staples are great for any time of day. Buzzfeed suggests mixing two parts prosecco with one part peach juice to perfect the bellini’s balance of peach’s sweetness and prosecco’s bubbly dryness.

Mimosas. To make a mimosa, follow Buzzfeed’s above instructions for bellinis, but replace the prosecco with champagne and the peach juice with orange juice. Buzzfeed also recommends that mimosa fans try making agua de valencia, which adds vodka and gin to the standard mimosa recipe.

Which cocktails that you constantly order at restaurants and bars would you be most excited to make at home? Give us some ideas in the comments!

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