Shop For These Five Unbeatable Memorial Day Weekend Deals

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Memorial Day originated to commemorate those who have died serving in the U.S. military. Combined with the three days before it, the holiday has come to double as an ideal three-day weekend for the summer’s first getaway. As with similar three-day weekends or other extended holidays, Memorial Day has also become synonymous with sales, deals, and discounts in the eyes of savvy shoppers.

Often, sales kick off right as Memorial Day weekend starts (the holiday weekend commences May 24). With some online retailers, though, Mother’s Day promotions turn into early Memorial Day sales the moment that the first of the two holidays ends. That’s right — some of the best Memorial Day deals might already be underway. Here are the five best deals to shop for on Memorial Day Weekend.


There’s nothing like a bold new outfit to kick off the summer right, and since many say that Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, why not dive right into some Memorial Day clothing deals? Department stores and leading online retailers are almost certain to slash their prices extensively as the holiday approaches. The many affordable clothing stores most commonly found at malls are likewise all but certain to be offering irresistible Memorial Day deals.


Need a new grill for the summer? Department stores frequently cut appliance prices steeply for Memorial Day deals. Grilling season pretty much starts right with Memorial Day, so these stores wisely know to expect an influx of customers. This time of year is also known to drive discounts on kitchen appliances for the same reason, and fans also see major price cuts due to the season’s increasing temperatures.

Patio furniture

What good is that new grill for the backyard without chairs to sit in when the food is served? Memorial Day deals often see prices on patio furniture including chairs, tables, and benches decline steeply in anticipation of the summer. Backyard umbrellas for keeping the sun away, hammocks, and other related outdoor furniture are also best bought at this time of year.


Memorial Day deals are well-known to include especially steep discounts on mattresses, as are other three-day weekends such as Labor Day and President’s Day. Sellers offer deals on these weekends because consumers have more time to mull over purchasing decisions when they have more time off from work. A mattress is no small investment, both financially and in health, and with the extra day off to read reviews and make decisions, it’s prime time to make that purchase.

Snack foods

A trip to the local grocery chain is bound to turn up deals on snack foods. Potato chips, macaroni salad, hot dogs, and more barbecue staples are likely to be sold at discounted prices for Memorial Day Deals — demand for them will be high as people light up their grills and invite friends over for afternoons in the warmth of the sun. Grocery stores might also offer deals on grills, so a stop at one might kill two birds with one stone.

What are some of your favorite annual Memorial Day deals? Share them with us in the comments!

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