Work Out, Then Work All Day In The Perfect Athleisure

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Working at a startup can mean grueling days that stretch past the typical 9 to 5, and since I’m a fitness nut, my schedule means hitting the gym before work. My wife and workout buddy Tiff does the same – it’s “workout, then work” for her too. We developed a really nice routine every morning: we go on the treadmill, lift some weights, and then grab protein smoothies before parting ways. It’s great that we take care of ourselves, sure, but it makes heading to the office that much more hectic. There’s no time to shower — or even change — before we head to work. 

Moisture-wicking, anti-odor, fashion-forward athleisure typically does the trick to make us look presentable before either of us get to change at the office — except when it doesn’t. To be clear, Tiff and I love athleisure – it’s just that some brands really don’t cut it. Many look visibly worn after just a few washes, plus they weren’t 100% comfortable to begin with. We can’t walk into work looking disheveled, even if we did just break a sweat, so we needed something that would suit all our needs from looks to performance. Why couldn’t I find performance pants that were actually comfy around the crotch, properly built for my workouts, and suitable for strolling into the office a few minutes past 9 a.m.? 

When I stumbled upon Vuori, I quickly saw how their athleisure would let me go from supporting my workout routine to supporting my work team. Vuori’s Ponto Performance Pant drew my eye first — in black, they wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb when I got to work — and its moisture-wicking, long-lasting fabrics and leisure. After reading an enthusiastic Strategist review of the brand, I felt confident I could move at the gym and then into everyday life without sacrificing style and comfort.

Vuori joggers

I was immediately eager to buy Vuori’s Pontos, but my one hesitation was that, as with all internet purchases, I couldn’t try it on first. Vuori made this a non-issue with their product guarantee – I could return anything I didn’t like for free and get a full refund. And any money I did spend would be super ethical: Vuori offsets its entire carbon footprint and will switch to 80% sustainable materials while cutting 80% of the plastics being used by 2022. I couldn’t see any bad reasons to at least try Vuori, so I ordered the Pontos and began my countdown for their arrival.

Sure enough, I could tell from my first workout with Vuori that they’re the real deal. I moved seamlessly in full comfort, and the sweat-wicking material did what Vuori advertised it would accomplish. Tiff saw how thrilled I was with my Vuori pants and decided to try their Performance Jogger. She agrees with me – Vuori is the only way to go. We’re both transitioning from workwear to work while dry, odor-free, comfy, and fashionable, and we love that we’re shopping ethically, too.

Tiff and I have been Vuori people for months now, and we have yet to experience the long-term dip in quality we’ve felt with other athleisure brands. No drawcords disappearing into elastic waistbands, no wear and tear where we need support the most, no loss of that classic four-way stretch. We’ve also used Vuori’s free shipping over $75 to line our closet with top-notch athleisure, which makes going from the gym to tackling our days super easy. Our athleisure fits us well and keeps us super fit.

If you too want athleisure that streamlines your day, powers your workouts, and looks the part no matter where you go, head to Vuori now for 20% off your first order! Just enter your email and start shopping. Your workouts will feel better, and so too will your life’s work.

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