Here’s How You Can FINALLY Get Free Or Low-Cost Health Insurance

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Health insurance can be outrageously expensive and difficult to find. Sometimes, being uninsured might almost seem like the easier, more affordable route. But the key word there is almost: While going uninsured may sound appealing, it’s not a good idea for many reasons. Plus, during open enrollment, you can find low-cost or even free insurance. Here’s how you can pay pocket change – or literally nothing – for insurance. 

1. You can find free health insurance

Yes, you read that right – open enrollment is a time to go even lower than pocket-change premiums. Nearly 70% of applicants receive free health insurance, and you can too! Plus, enrolling takes just moments.

2. You can get a plan for yourself or your family

During open enrollment, you can search for insurance plans for yourself or your family members. This way, in case anyone in your family isn’t insured, you can be put onto the same plan to save you both time and money. You’ll also feel reassured knowing that all your loved ones have the same coverage as you.

3. You can find a better plan at a lower cost

Having a better plan doesn’t always mean you need to pay more! During open enrollment, you might qualify for premiums as low as $1, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank for a mediocre policy yet again. You can also have your current health insurance reviewed. It is not too late to fix or upgrade the plan you already purchased!

4. Smart technology can match your needs to the right plan 

If you want your search for easy, affordable health insurance to be quick and speedy, then look no further. With smart-select technology, your search tool can match your health insurance needs to a local leading provider. This way, you get the best plan possible for your area. 

5. You can find a plan if you have preexisting conditions

Finding the right insurance company can be difficult if you have any illnesses or medical conditions. That changes if you search now. No matter your preexisting condition, during open enrollment, you can find a plan with premiums that are free or as little as $1

6. You can shop around even if you haven’t lost insurance coverage

Even if you didn’t lose your insurance coverage, you can still look for better options. If you feel like you’re not getting enough bang for your buck, it might be time to switch plans. And now, switching has never been easier. During open enrollment, you can compare and contrast insurance plans until you find the right one for you. 

7. Your initial consultation is no-obligation

To find more information or create a new insurance plan, visit the online marketplace to get started today!. You can see your potential healthcare savings for free before you sign up for a plan. Act now while open enrollment lasts for free or inexpensive health insurance that protects you and your family. 

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