Why Did People Think Jaden Smith Was Dead Last Week?

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Last week, rumors began circulating across Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms that actor Jaden Smith had passed away. These rumors seem to have been proven false, but why were they started in the first place? Read on below to find out what’s known about them so far.

The claim

With no obvious source, rumors spread widely across social media last week claiming that Jaden Smith, the Karate Kid star and son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, had died in a car crash. Many users across these social media platforms believed these rumors, which caused them to continue to spread. Some even paid their respects for Jaden when they heard the news.

Jaden’s tweet

Jaden debunked these rumors about his death on his Twitter by simply tweeting “Invisible.” This tweet put an end to the rumors, but the cryptic response has left fans and others still concerned. Neither of Jaden’s parents commented on the rumors on social media, likely in an effort to not lend any popularity to those who were spreading them.

Two years ago, fans and family of Jaden were worried because he was losing an unhealthy amount of weight, but in recent times, he has seemed to be doing much better. Time will tell whether there’s actually any reason for concern, but there’s no doubt that Jaden did not die last week. It was a misunderstanding caused by rumors spreading like wildfire as they often do.

Why would someone spread this rumor?

There are many reasons someone would start an internet hoax like this, and it happens more often on the internet than you’d think. One of the most common causes is someone trying to draw attention to their website or social media account by posting outrageous news. It’s unknown yet whether this is the reason behind what happened last week.


Nobody knows who started the false rumors, or whether it was an intentional hoax or a strange but honest mistake. Either way, Jaden’s fans have taken to social media in criticism of anyone who could’ve spread this false rumor intentionally. Jaden’s fanbase is incredibly protective, with one fan on Twitter saying, “To those who put up that hoax story saying Jaden Smith died in a car accident, you’re all some next level sick.”

False information can spread rapidly on the internet, so be sure to check the facts before you pass on rumors. It may seem harmless but rumors like this one can negatively affect friends, family, and fans of the people involved.

This isn’t the first time

Strangely, this isn’t the first time Jaden has been the victim of a hoax or incorrect rumors about his death. Back in 2019, a news article made the rounds on Facebook claiming that Jaden and his father Will Smith had died in a car accident. The false article, titled “BREAKING: Will Smith and his Son Jaden Smith Died in a Crash after Truck and their Car Collided” was also quickly debunked.

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