4 Best Cooking Tools To Keep Your Kitchen Safe

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A kitchen is a wonderful place where a lot of great smells come from. But at the same time, it’s one of the most dangerous places with appliances that can catch fire, sharp knives, and so much more. If you struggle with navigating a kitchen, it could be really dangerous! With this in mind, here are some kitchen tools that you can use to ensure that your fingers remain intact, your hair or clothes don’t catch fire and that your belly gets happy.

The first thing to be careful of is knives. There’s a lot of stuff that we are always cutting and there are always risks of us cutting our fingers or our hand. Of course, cuts aren’t the greatest, but they can be easily avoided thanks to the creation of cut resistant gloves. You can find them in any cooking store these days and they are made out of cut-resistant material making sure you will not get cut.

The next thing that you want to be avoiding is burns. Whether you are making food that creates grease or you are using cooking oil, there will be a chance where the oil will get hot and jump out of the pan at you. This all occurs because of the moisture that’s in the food contacts the hot oil. You can minimize the popping by ensuring the food is actually blotted dry and by wiping off any excess marinade (or other moisture). All that being said, there are foods that naturally contain more moisture than others. In those instances, you want to be investing in a kitchen screen. What this is is basically a wall that rests on the outside of a pan. It creates a barrier that catches any oil or grease and makes it slowly slide back into the pan.

The third tool is to ensure that you don’t get sick from eating your food. For this tool, it’s simply a cutting board. But you don’t want to be settling for any old cutting board, instead, it’s better to get what is called an epicurean’s wood composite board. There are many out there but a classic wooden board can be prone to harbor bacteria if you allow water to seep into the board. Furthermore plastic cutting boards while cheap will collect more food in the cuts the more you use it. The epicurean board is the best of both worlds. The Epicurean’s wood composite board is durable, non-porous and can even be placed into the dishwasher with no issues. Pick up two of them and designate each board for cutting certain things to avoid cross-contamination and you are good to go.

The last item to keep your kitchen safe is a tool to prevent you from slipping. Enter the comfort mat. You might think specialized mats in kitchens are silly but in the kitchen, things can get messy. Whether your dishwasher spills water everywhere or you drop something and it spills all over the floor, a non-slip mat can help you in staying on your feet. These particular maps are water-resistant, provide ergonomic support for your feet, legs, and back and also are easy to clean up after as well.

All these tools are great to have around and keep your kitchen safe in the event of an accident. Buying some of these items or all of them will ensure that you will have more control of your safety if problems ever arise.

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    I should immediately get this! I talk about having a professional kitchen, yet miss these.


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