Here’s How You Stop Those Annoying Robo and Scam Calls

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We have all received those annoying calls at some time, especially those that are not from family, friends or acquaintances. Sometimes, we get so angry that we refuse to pick these calls because these scam calls seem to have become more frequent than our real calls. So, since we do not know what to do, we try so hard to tightly hold on to our sanity. Well, here are some tips that can help stop those annoying robot and scam calls once and for all.

Block Numbers One-At-A-Time

You can always block individual numbers one after the other. While it may be a futile effort for robocalls since they are automated, it can work for certain numbers that call repeatedly. These numbers can be easily blocked from your phone whether it is an android or an iPhone. However, this method is highly time-consuming.

Your Carrier Can Help

Another option is that you can decide to rely on your carrier to protect you. Doing this will mean that you have agreed to pay a price for the service because they are often billed. While it may not block those scam numbers upfront, it will definitely help you identify suspected calls so that you have the option of blocking them.

Try the DND

If that does not still work, you can make use of the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode. It is yours and enables only calls from your contact list to be accepted. While this may be drastic because you may miss calls that are quite important; sometimes, it may be your last resort if you are absolutely fed up. Remember to always keep your contact list up-to-date if you want to use this option.

Never Show you’re A Real Human

One important tip to note is that you should never allow the robots to know that there is a real human at the other end of the line. As tempting as it can be to scream profanities at the caller’s generations unborn, please do well to resist the urge. This will keep the scammers guessing!

When you do pick a call, do not be quick to say “Hello” or make any sound until you hear a sound from the other side of the line. Do not say anything, otherwise, it automatically communicates to the scammers that there is a real human being at the other end of the line.

Get an App

There are some existing third-party applications that can help you protect yourself from the scammers. Services like Robokillers, Nomorobo, among others can help prevent the calls from disturbing your phone. However, these services are usually maintained through the payment of subscriptions.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that it is not all scam calls or Robocalls that are not important. Sometimes, some of them may contain information that will be useful to you. Whatever you do, always keep this in mind!

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