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I’m a strategic shopper who looks for practical, stylish and versatile scores when I buy new clothes or shoes. I know what I like, and every item I buy has a purpose in my closet. Parting with my hard-earned money, though? That’s an entirely different story.
One day, my co-worker Emma caught me scrolling through some super-cute ankle-height boots in the middle of the workday. After shaking off my initial embarrassment, we started discussing our personal tastes, shopping goals, and desire to make this whole “getting dressed” thing just a little easier. That’s when she told me about JustFab, which customizes the online shopping experience by showing you the shoes, clothes, and bags that you’re most likely to fall in love with. She had recently joined their new VIP program, which gives members an extra 30% off retail price and was thrilled with the new additions to her closet.
No more endless browsing and I could save money? Honestly, I was a little leery. As a savvy shopper, how could I ensure that I was making the right decision for my closet — and my wallet?
I combed through JustFab’s website to figure out exactly how they did it. I quickly learned that they can pass the savings off to customers, and offer that extra 30% off to VIP members, because they cut out the middlemen, like distributors and department stores, that jack up prices. (I also reviewed their cancellation policy and felt at ease knowing that canceling was easy!) All that reassurance — and another look at Emma’s super-cute black suede booties with the block heel — gave me the confidence I needed to try JustFab.
Getting started was super easy. I took JustFab’s 60-second style quiz, where I picked my favorite red carpet looks, shoe styles, and celebrity fashion icons. The second I hit ‘send,’ my feed instantly flooded with dozens of picture-perfect options, organized by item type. It was easy to narrow down the options It was clear that JustFab understood my love of strappy shoes and my preference for 2-inch heels. I even bought my first pair for $10, as a reward for joining JustFab’s VIP membership.
While I absolutely adore the perfectly-curated styles and the extra 30% off already-great prices, the best part, hands-down, is the flexibility of JustFab’s VIP membership. There is absolutely no obligation to buy something each month. When I don’t feel like buying anything, I just log in to my account and hit the ‘skip the month’ button. This ensures that I can keep my monthly membership — and my 30% discount! — without feeling pressured into buying something that I won’t actually use.
‘Skip the month’ comes with more perks than simply pausing my membership. There are no limits on the number of months I can skip, so I never, ever feel the need to purchase unnecessary items. Even when I forgot to skip a month and paid the membership fee, JustFab let me use it as a credit toward a future purchase. Now, that’s a smart investment in my wardrobe!
Since I took that quiz a few months ago, JustFab has paid off a thousandfold. I’ve since added gray suede ankle boots, a roomy brown handbag, and a maroon belted cardigan to my closet. I use my new items all the time at work and on the weekends, and I bought them all for amazing prices I truly couldn’t beat anywhere else. Now, whenever it’s time to find that perfect item to complete my closet, I can confidently turn to JustFab’s VIP program for spot-on styling and stellar service.

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