Looking to Expand Your Skillset? Try Accounting

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No doubt learning online has revolutionized the way that people and students learn. But thanks to the movement of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) a lot of the benefits that secondary school students receive can be passed to students on a university level. These days, thousands of people have the opportunity of taking courses online, learn at their own pace, and not have to pay a dime for it. 

For this reason, you may feel compelled to learn a variety of topics. However one subject we suggest you consider taking a course on is accounting. While a lot of people will roll their eyes at the idea, it’s for this reason and many other reasons why we think it’s important to learn a little bit of accounting.

One of the biggest benefits is that regardless of what industry you are in, the core principles of accounting are applicable in basically every industry imaginable. Fortunately, these principles are taught in the first few courses of accounting so you don’t need to step into any kind of advance accounting if you don’t want to. But if you decide to, further accounting skills could help in your job and life a lot more than you think.

Another big benefit is that it’ll help you in increasing your knowledge in various industries. By learning the underlying concepts of accounting you’re learning the behind the scenes work of running a successful business. After all, an income statement or balance sheet shows the overall health of the business and allows companies to prepare for the future. Those forms were created using accounting. Being able to create those tools and documents, or being able to read them can help in future positions or even helping you run your own business.

Furthermore, accounting has a way of showing the ins and outs of the business. Numbers tell no lies (unless you fudge them, in which case you’re committing a crime) so you can see what a company is doing and maybe even what they are planning to do based off of those numbers. This can help people in management positions as they understand where the company is going.

Accounting also teaches more practical skills in the form of business literacy, as well as problem-solving skills. Every accountant will tell you the nightmare of sorting through balance sheets and how they figure out how to get it to balance. Furthermore, understanding business lingo can help you in a variety of industries as the lingo comes up in various industries.

And finally, accounting can open you up to new possibilities in the future. If you decide to improve your accounting skills you could offer bookkeeping services, or perhaps get hired on as a consultant to help companies improve their bottom line. Furthermore, if you are someone working at a company, you could be promoted to a higher position where you will do just that.

But there can be more than that as you can create other opportunities by branching out to other industries. For one, you could consider becoming a bookkeeper, however, you could also aim to become a full-fledged CPA. These basics could, in theory, provide a solid foundation for you to grow those skills but also to give you a taste of what accounting is.

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