6 things you must do before boarding an international flight

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Heading off somewhere abroad can be an exciting experience, so long as you’ve properly planned. Especially in situations where you are traveling far from home. We’ve put together a list of things you want to make absolutely certain before you get on that plane.

The first big thing is to make sure that both your passport and your travel visa are up to date. A lot of countries around the world require that you have a valid passport for six months after your return date. As such, it’s recommended that you renew your passport no less than nine months before it’s set to expire. On top of that be sure to check the specific information needed for your destination, as you may need visas even international licenses if you’re going to drive.

The second thing to check for in other countries is travel warnings or advisories. Your government will issue warnings for specific locations that pose risks if you stay in certain areas for long periods of time. For this reason, a lot of insurance companies may not even provide coverage for those locations. This adds another layer of uncertainty and risk since you are not going to be covered if you enter one of those areas.

On the note of travel insurance, be sure that you get it. Depending on where you’re going, it’s not a bad idea to buy medical evacuation and emergency medical insurance. On top of that if you are booking a trip that requires a massive down payment or booked several months in advance getting travel interruption and cancellation insurances will protect you from unexpected events.

Another thing you must do is make sure that you have sufficient prescriptions and vaccinations done. Countries obviously have different living conditions and you can come into contact with all sorts of illnesses. For this reason you want to make sure you have protection against those things. You can check your country’s disease control and prevention website to figure out details for vaccination requirements and other health information.

Our fifth tip is something that not many people think about and that is registering your trip. If you are traveling abroad, you always have the option of registering your trip with the government. All you have to do with this is put in your itinerary and you’re all set. What this does is it tells the government where you are during specific times. This is key because in cases of emergencies, the government will be able to get in contact with you and know where you are. This information can also help family members and friends as well as they can call the government to know your whereabouts as well. Best of all, registration doesn’t cost a thing.

And the final thing is to make sure that you are packing appropriately. Outside of your basic belonging, be sure you’re not bringing any expensive jewelry as that’s a prime target for thieves. If you need them make sure they’re in your carryon and when you arrive that the items are locked in the hotel safe. Some other things to consider is a universal plug and converter so you can use your electronics, bringing an extra pair of glasses in case you need them and making sure your wallet only has what you absolutely need.


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