5 Top Self-Improvement Apps

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The app industry is booming with more and more apps being created as you are reading this–and many of them make our lives so much easier.

It makes sense that app developers want to tap into the self-improvement industry–people spend more than a billion dollars on self-improvement each year. But not all apps are the best performers and are bogged down by the flood of apps. Below we share some of the self-improvement apps that have managed to stay relevant and competitive.

The first app on our list is DayOneApp, an app for the journaler. Journaling as most of us know is quite therapeutic and engages both sides of our brain. The left to provide analysis and reason while the right is free to be creative. Journalling allows us to break those barriers down and understand ourselves on a deeper level. What’s unique about DayOneApp though is that they go beyond a simple space to write. You can add pictures, get local weather data as well as geo-location which you can place in the journal for easy access to reverting to your happy spot.

Our second app on this list is myfitnesspal. It does a number of things but the biggest advantage of this app is that it can count calories. This is easier than keeping mental notes of what you eat from day to day. All you need to do is input what items you had and you’re good to go. There is even an option for you to scan barcodes,  get nutritional information, and log calories too. On top of all this you can log exercise, water, and even sync with your social media accounts so you can get pumped by other peoples actions.

The third app is Unstuck. We’ve all had times when we’ve felt stuck in our lives. What’s nice about this app is that you get tips for getting out of these issues. The app asks a series of questions to provide a diagnosis of your issue and then provide tips, actions, and real solutions.

There are many apps out there with their own positivity projects but none are quite like our fourth app: Happier. With the Happier app, you are collecting happy moments through the day that are then added to the app. The app is simple to use and should be used by everyone. Over 11,000 studies have shown that an attitude of gratitude and general happiness improves sleep quality, boosts our optimism and creativity, reduces stress and enhances our productivity too!

The last app we want to cover is the powerful Coach.me app. This app is powerful because it’s not afraid to ask the tough and powerful questions. Questions can help us in uncovering issues (both personal and professional) an app like this can help us recognize these issues, and take the steps to solve them. What’s also fantastic about this app is that you can also talk to a coach digitally who will help you in building your habits and encourage you to look and discover other things.

Technology is always changing and people need to be growing as well. With the help of these apps, you can be sure to be achieving the goals that you’ve set.

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