This Hack Gives Connecticut Residents Clean Energy, Cheap

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Like most Connecticut residents, you probably use a lot of electronics, we all do.  Where does that electricity come from? Most people don’t know except for company name on their bill. Each month, you pay for all the power you used. Sometimes — like when it’s really hot or cold — it can be really expensive. Too high, we think so? But you’re not sure since electricity is a set price for everyone, right?

We did the research for you and definitively your power bill should be lower. And also, not be reliant burning fossil fuels. No matter how clean El Presidente claims burning coal can be, but we all know the truth. LOL

Remember we said we did the research for you? Well apparently, most electricity providers are burning fossil fuels, like coal or oil to power your iPhone, which poisons our atmosphere, pollutes our water supplies and contributes to global climate change.

But you’re in luck! A new law was just passed where Connecticut residents can have control over their energy supply like buying Solar and Wind energy instead of dangerous fossil fuels.

Its really easy too, all you have to do is switch to Arcadia Power, a digital utility that anyone can get but more importantly saves you money while saving the environment.

This is how it works: Anyone who lives in the Connecticut can head over to Arcadia’s easy to use website and sign up for a clean energy, money saving program. It only takes about 2 minutes to get started. In some locations can even choose to get your electricity from a local solar garden. How sweet is that?

The best part of Arcadia Power, its completely free to sign up which is way cheaper than buying solar panels or one of those giant wind turbines you see on road trips.

Not only is Arcadia completely free to use, but it also has a modern amenities like an online dashboard and mobile app which will help you save even more money on your electric bill which as you remember, you’re currently overpaying for.

But it seems too good to be true? Arcadia as a national service is always on the lookout for lower electricity rates and just like shopping at Costco leverages its huge member network to make sure you’re getting the best deals. You also don’t ever have to worry about getting charged a fee for using your credit card to pay your bill, Arcadia is all about taking care of their customers.

As the savings start to add up, Arcadia will also let you put some of that money you’re saving toward energy-saving tech — like a Nest smart thermostat — that will boost your home’s efficiency and lower your bill even more. All for $0 down.

Connecticut residents can’t afford not to give this a shot. It only takes two minutes to sign up for Arcadia Power at no cost, and this week, only available in Connecticut Arcadia will send you a $20 gift card. Give it a try right now, while Big Fossil Fuel is busy destroying the planet.

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