Ingrown Hair Problem? Try These Products To Eliminate Them

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It’s all happened to us before. We shave off hairs in one area and the next day we look down and realize that our skin has developed a few irritated-looking bumps right where the hair was. Chances are when that happens you’ve gotten some ingrown hair. These are hairs that as the name suggests, grows inwards in the follicle and they can be a pain to remove.

Not only can you not pinch them out, but the follicle will react by swelling and trap whatever is in there if there is any kind of friction against it. So yeah they can be a huge pain. So what should you do? Well below we have some specific products for you to try out that’ll help clear these pesky ingrown hairs for good. These products work well in those specific areas so be sure to get the ones that are appropriate for you.

We’ll first cover the most common area: the face, chin and neck. Now these are mainly caused by unwise grooming decisions. So when you see these ingrown hairs, many peoples reactions is to stab them with some tweezers and be done with it, but that’s not smart either. The first step we recommend is to see a professional dermatologist or aesthetician that can help with dealing with the issue. That being said, if ingrown hairs in this area continue to be a common occurrence for you, many professionals recommend permanent hair removal. In those situations we recommend and many others would consider Queen Bee Benzoyl Peroxide as a great spot treatment.

For those of us who want clean legs, ingrown hair can be an issue here. However it’s hard to say that a tiny tube of ingrown-be-gone would be sufficient. Instead we recommend a bottle of Tend Skin which contains exfoliating acids that help in eliminating ingrown-causing oil, dirt, as well as dead skin. It’s an old product but works well. You’ll see some big differences in a matter of days.

If you’re struggling with armpit hair we feel you. The armpit skin is a touch more sensitive than our faces. Paired with the fact that we sweat and our tops tend to scrape around that area it’s pretty easy to develop ingrown hairs there. However one quick fix that professionals recommend is actually using a moisturizing soap. One of note is the Lever 2000 which keeps skin soft. For an ingrown hair that won’t go away, it’s smart to go and see a professional.

But what about that bikini line? Well for that the tweezers aren’t the answer. Especially since that area is quite sensitive not to mention the ingrown hairs can be hard to see. Instead it’s recommended to find some topical treatments. If you can see a few hairs, you can spot treat with glycolic acid or the benzoyl peroxide. However if there’s signs of irritation, an unadulterated aloe vera and hydrocortisone will do the trick.

There’s even some products for those hard to reach places, like our butt. Of course it’s difficult to spot ingrown hairs there but it’s not out of the ordinary for our butt to get irritated hair follicles there. Thankfully there is specific sprays that can help us reach there and address the issue. For this one we recommend the Murad spray as it can spray right side up or upside down making it easy for you to reach the area.

And that’s it. You’re completely covered! So if you have any ingrown hair issues, go and pick up a bottle or see a professional and you’ll get sorted quick and easy!

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