Ariana Grande Shocks Fans with New Short Haircut

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For  Ariana Grande’s millions of followers, Grande’s shedding of her signature high ponytail came as a shock. Still, a post-breakup haircut has never looked so good.

 Grande,  who is known as the queen of the high ponytail, has just cut off her hair and removed any extensions.  She debuted her new look (a new lob haircut) on Thursday one month after her break-up with former fiancé Pete Davidson.

Now, this is not the first time the 25-year-old singer has ditched her waist long ponytail. Some time ago in September, after wrapping off the final performance of “The Sweetener Sessions” tour in London, she shared a video that showed good locks of hair flying across the room while she remained off-screen. This was released with the caption, “bye London”.

Following her recent drastic new hairdo, a host of comments flooded her Instagram as she revealed her new look to the world. There was no caption as it was obvious her new and trendy; caramel, shoulder caressing lob did all the talking for her. And yes, the hairstyle did make her look different and brought a drastic change to her look.

The comments that came ranged from expressions of delight to loss (“Noooooooo”) and disbelief to uttermost shock (“OMG”). But what outnumbered them all were the raves of delight made evident by remarks of “luv the queen’s crown!” and many agreed she did, in fact, look good. Aside from Instagram, she also took to Twitter to share her new look.

From the rare occasions she wears her hair down or does a low pony to the times she’s played with her hair color going between her long platinum wig and her natural brunette hair color, she absolutely enjoys tweaking her hairstyles every now and then. She has also tried blunt bangs sometime in the past too. But this will be the first time she is drastically changing the length of her hair.

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