The Most Thoughtful Things You Can Do For The One You Love

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Whether you are single or in a loving relationship, there are a number of thoughtful things that we can do for the one we love. And now is the best time to do it since it’s cuffing season. Some of the suggestions below are simple things and don’t need to be these massive extravagant things. After all in any loving relationship – past or present – we’ll remember the little surprises that we did for one another.

The first thing on our list is DIY something meaningful. Do you find you or your partner using each other’s stuff? From sweaters to gadgets, a nice gesture is buying that whatever it is as a gift. Throw in a few finishing touches (i.e. a memorable date on the sleeve of a sweater) and you have a thoughtful gift.

Another thoughtful act is bringing their family to them. Over the holidays it can be hard for some people to see all of their family. A nice thoughtful gesture for those who have family living far away is to arrange a nice family video. If you are really pressed for time, you can always do a surprise call. There are so many video chat services and gadgets, it’s easy to do video calls.

If some of these things are a little too simple you can always kick it up a notch and pull a winter picnic. Before you panic, no, you don’t have to have the picnic out in the cold. Instead have a picnic style dinner indoors. Pick out their favorite food, buy some stuff to set the mood and there you go.

And on that note of food if you’re not in the mood for a picnic you can always consider making them one of their favorite dishes from scratch. Cooking is always a fun activity and if you’re not the most skilled one then it’s a matter of putting in the extra effort to follow the recipe. Regardless, the sentiment is always nice and that you were clearly thinking of them when you’re making it.

Since we’re in the season of giving, consider mixing up how you do your Christmas shopping with this idea. It’s as simple as getting something that you know your partner will actually use. While collectibles and jewelry are always nice, gifts that are practical is a sweet thought. Not to mention most practical items aren’t that expensive either. What’s also nice about practical items is that it requires you to pay attention to your partner, from their complaints to their habits, a practical gift can only be given if you pay attention to them.

And the final thing if you want to be going all out is planning out an entire day doing something that they love. Like the practical gift, this requires knowing your partner’s interests and listening to them. It’s a fantastic gift because it requires you to do a lot of planning in advance. And in the end, your partner will absolutely love it.

Now is the season of giving, so consider some of these gifts and blow this Christmas out of the water with some of these ideas.


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