The Best Gift Ideas for Those who Love Reading

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Buying gifts for someone who loves to read can be difficult. From them buying the books they want on impulse, to having such an extensive list it can leave people unsure of what to get them during the holidays. Not to mention, it can be hard to track which books they’ve read and which ones they haven’t too.


We can understand the pain and struggle for what to get those people year after year. So we’ve put together a simple list for potential gifts. We swear we’ll be avoiding books in particular. You can also use this post as a guide for future gift ideas, too.


For the reader who doesn’t want to dog-ear paperbacks or hardcovers, a simple answer is a sturdy bookmark. There are many out there with various designs, but if you want something simple you can’t go wrong with these tassel bookmarks. This also works for the person who does have bookmarks but often loses them.


While there is a debate amongst book readers between paperback and tablets, a Kindle E-Reader still has its advantages. They’re not as costly as other tablets and being able to read hands-free does have its perks. Plus, the books that are available for it are typically below $3 which means you can buy several books for the price of one paperback.


Alright, I lied a bit. Not every gift on here is a book but this one is a bit of an exception. The next gift idea is a book, but not one you pick yourself. It’s from a group called The Book of the Month Club, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.  Every month, each member gets a book that’s handpicked by curators of the company. It’s a good gift idea and starts at $44.99 for three months.


No doubt, those who love to read bring books along with them wherever they go. It’s a good practice, but often times it can be a bit of struggle to pack all the books they want. It’s in this case where a tote bag can actually come in handy. It’s durable and has a zippered pocket as well. This is great for holding all the items that they need to take with them. The one we recommend is from The Strand and is NYC themed.


Last but not least, the final gift is a blanket. Book lovers love books, but they also need something to set the tone as well. A blanket is perfect as a good way to wrap yourself up and get lost in a book. We recommend the Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw due to its comfort. On top of that, you get to choose from 16 colors ensuring you can pick up one of their favorite colors!


As you can see, there are many gift ideas you can pick from and they don’t all have to be books. Take some time to think about what other things they need as well. Remember, book lovers also love things that set the mood for them to get into a good book too!

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