The Folding Hack That Will Free Up Your Closet

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Everyone loves freshly cleaned clothes, but getting them folded and put into your closet is another thing altogether. If you’re looking to keep your closet organized and tidy while saving time on folding, But First, Coffee has a neat trick for you. All it takes is a pair of hands and a clean, flat surface. Pretty much any table will do!

Once your clothes are ready, bring them to your table. Take a shirt and lay it on the table, face up, completely flat—smooth out any wrinkles, uneven portions, etc. Stand or sit with the right side of the shirt closer to you. In your head, identify three points on the left side of the shirt, all of which should form a line parallel to the shirt’s length:

  1. About an inch below where the neck meets the shoulder, along the curve of the neck.
  2. An inch or two above the midpoint of the shirt’s length
  3. Where the bottom seam of the shirt meets the rest of the shirt

Pinch points 1 and 2 with your thumb and index finger, using your right hand for point 1 and left hand for point 2. You can also use your middle finger—the goal is to just slightly wrinkle the shirt past the completely flat state in which you’ve laid it. While keeping point 2 steady and pinched, fold point 1 onto point 3. With your right hand, use your thumb and index fingers to grab the bottom seam, pinching the shirt’s front and back in the process.

Now, your left hand should still be on point 2, and your right hand on point 3, but with the full shirt rather than just its front side hooked in your hands. You’ll notice that your right hand is on your left, and your left hand is on your right. Move your right hand back to the right and left hand back to the left; as you do this, the shirt should flatten into a rectangle, which you should fold once lengthwise. Just like that, you’ll have a neatly folded, flat, rectangular shirt perfect for both easy dresser identification and storage.

This hack might take a bit of practice to perfect, but once you do, you’ll find yourself with a beautifully organized closet and a few minutes back every time you do laundry! Let us know in the comments how well this trick is working for you.

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