Four Iconic Valentine’s Day TV Episodes On Netflix

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For some people, it can be deeply relaxing to stay home and just watch a movie or TV show over a romantic homemade dinner.

Streaming services make watching TV in the comforts of your home infinitely easier. With this access, though, comes an overwhelming number of options. We’re here to help — below, find four recommendations for iconic Valentine’s Day TV episodes currently available on Netflix.

Orange Is The New Black, Season 2, Episode 6: “You Also Have a Pizza”

Orange Is The New Black is Netflix’s most-watched original TV series. Although the show is set in a women’s prison, this backdrop doesn’t prevent it from offering up a heartwarming Valentine’s Day episode early in its run. The show’s seventh season, its final one, is set to air this year.

Friends, Season 1, Episode 14: “The One With the Candy Hearts”

The entire Friends series is nothing short of iconic. “The One With the Candy Hearts” is one of two Valentine’s Day episodes over the show’s legendary ten-season run; “The One With the Birthing Video,” from season eight, is remarkable too, but since “Candy Hearts” showcases these characters before they became sitcom pantheons, it’s particularly charming to watch.

Mad Men, Season 7, Episode 2: “A Day’s Work”

Two years before Mad Men concluded its universally lauded seven-season run, the Writers Guild Association ranked the show at number seven on its 101 Best Written TV Series list. “A Day’s Work” premiered the year after the list was published, and we’ve put it on this list for Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) saying “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you” to a teary-eyed Don Draper (Jon Hamm).

Gilmore Girls, Season 6, Episode 15: “A Vineyard Valentine”

Generally speaking, Gilmore Girls fans are divided on whether or not they like Logan (Matt Czuchry), the on-again-off-again boyfriend of Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). So, yes, “A Vineyard Valentine” is a particularly Logan-heavy episode in the show’s run, but really, what other shows can so instantly strike up nostalgia pangs? This Valentine’s Day episode makes for a super fun throwback.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day TV episodes that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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