These Amazing TV Shows Have New Episodes Available To Stream

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Consider the abundance of TV viewing options available to a consumer. There are basic cable and premium cable channels; streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu revolutionized TV; and other tech household names like Apple, Amazon Prime, and Facebook are creating their own content. These platforms make so much content available that anyone trying to find something to watch might feel overwhelmed.

Overchoice, a term that writer Alvin Toffler coined four decades ago, can indeed make trying to find a new TV show to start an unreasonably crippling endeavor. Old, long-wrapped shows such as 30 Rock sit cozily on Hulu aside brand-new highlights such as PEN15. Even if you’re committed solely to watching a brand-new program, it’s not like there’s any shortage of those: in 2017, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix all churned out more new programs than ever before.

Amid the bounty of TV options that the streaming platforms provide, we’ve selected our favorite shows that have new episodes available to stream. Here are our top picks:

Sex Education, on Netflix. This British teen romance series boasts characters, plotlines, and themes far more nuanced, mature, and meaningful than is common for this genre. Asa Butterfield stars as 16-year-old Otis, whose mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist; the show deals with how Jean’s line of work sexually represses the young Otis, at an age where sexual activity dominates school gossip. Of course, other teenagers appear in the series, and Otis’ exposure to his mother’s line of work affects their lives too.

Russian Doll, on Netflix. This series is nothing short of a vehicle for Natasha Lyonne, beloved for her work on the American Pie series and in Orange Is The New Black. Lyonne is on camera far more than any other actor in the series, especially in the series’ first three episodes. In Russian Doll, a woman keeps dying and reliving the night of her 36th birthday party in New York’s East Village, but there’s far more substance, drama, comedy, and thematic weight to the show. To say more might spoil it — this show is extremely plot-heavy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on Hulu. NBC currently has a deal in which Hulu streams the five most recent episodes of any of NBC’s ongoing sitcoms. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a prime example: now in its sixth season (but first for NBC, following FOX’s controversial cancellation after the fifth season), a new episode of this Andy Samberg-starring cop sitcom airs every Thursday night on NBC and then appears on Hulu the next morning. In addition to the new episodes, the previous five seasons are all on Hulu.

White Dragon, on Amazon Prime Video. This show, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video three weeks ago, deals with a professor whose wife dies in a car crash in Hong Kong. John Simm (of Doctor Who fame), Anthony Wang, and Emilia Fox star in the series. Across the show’s run, Simm’s character Jonah Mulray discovers secret after secret about his wife, including a double life and potential involvement in organized crime. These plot points aren’t spoilers, as they occur quite early in the series — what happens after is game-changing.

What are some shows you watch that have new episodes available to stream? Let us know in the comments!

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