ShoeDazzle Holds Up To Fashion Nova – For A Whole Lot Less. Here’s How

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I think I’m not alone in saying that I love shoes. The right pair of shoes can dial any outfit up to a 10 with just a single change. Sandals and heels, sneakers and ballet slippers – I love them all! There’s just one problem, though — shoes are an expensive habit.

You definitely can find affordable shoes if you look hard enough, but sometimes, you get what you pay for. I’ve bought cheap pairs only to have the straps break or stretch out after just a few wears. On top of that, they aren’t really wearable — they feel like your feet are actually hitting the ground with every step you take.

For a while, Fashion Nova was my go-to for all things shoes. I knew they had affordable shoes that fit me well and looked good, but the dollars really added up each month when I bought two, three, or even four pairs. Sure, the site has sales, but the discounts didn’t always save me a ton.  My friend Alicia, a fellow “shoe-a-holic,” mentioned that she had joined the monthly shoe club ShoeDazzle, and the membership helped her save a lot of money without compromising looks, quality, or the number of purchases she made. I found myself intrigued.

I headed over to ShoeDazzle’s Instagram to scope out some of their styles, and I immediately pictured the outfits I’d build around these dazzling heels and noteworthy booties. Alicia mentioned that, as a monthly VIP member of ShoeDazzle, she gets discounts as high as 30% on everything they have to offer on their website. If she doesn’t want to shop that month, she just skips and can use that credit toward any purchase at a later time.

I took advantage of ShoeDazzle’s new VIP member offer: any pair of shoes for just $9.99. Those glittery gold heels I saw on Instagram were just as magnificent on Instagram as they were in my living room, having a “Cinderella moment” right there on the couch. I knew right then that Alicia nailed it: ShoeDazzle is perfect for me. But what exactly got me to make the switch from Fashion Nova to ShoeDazzle?

Here’s why I jumped ship and signed up for the best shoe club on the internet:

1.   ShoeDazzle Gives Me A Lot For A Little

ShoeDazzle offers its monthly VIP members discounts as high as 30% on all its products. I just cannot overstate how amazing this is for me. Sure, Fashion Nova is affordable, but when you’re a ShoeDazzle member, the prices you get on their shoes are just unbeatable.

2.   ShoeDazzle Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As a ShoeDazzle member, I get exclusive access to new collections and styles every month. I’m always super excited for the first day of the month, when I get to see these hot new looks that I’m just not going to find elsewhere, especially for this price. There’s just something so thrilling about anticipating a new line of shoes and knowing that only a small group of other people are in on it — I can’t quite get that joy from another website.

3.   ShoeDazzle Tailors Options To My Interest

ShoeDazzle knows me. With every month’s new styles, I get a personalized online showroom catered exactly to my tastes. When you sign up for the monthly membership, you’ll get to tell ShoeDazzle all about your style, and they’ll only show you results that fit with the looks you already love. I don’t have to dig through page after page of styles I don’t like, which saves me a ton of time while browsing.

4.   ShoeDazzle’s Policies Make It Easy To Shop

One of the worst parts of online shopping is realizing your shipping costs a fair chunk. Fashion Nova only offers free shipping on orders $75 and over, but ShoeDazzle offers free shipping on orders $49 and over, with only a low flat rate of $4.95 on any other order. All the shoes I buy are shipped right to my doorstep, and if a pair arrives and I’m just not feeling them as much as I expected, returning them is free too. Or maybe there’s an odd month where I’m not looking for any new shoes — it hasn’t happened yet, but when it does, I can entirely skip my membership that month!

5.   ShoeDazzle Has More Than Just Shoes

The people behind ShoeDazzle value shoes as much as I do — it’s in the name! But ShoeDazzle offers way more than just shoes. My monthly VIP membership gives me access to adorable clothes, accessories, and handbags, all for up to 30% off. No wonder I haven’t felt the need to skip a month yet.

Join ShoeDazzle For 75% Off Your First Style

I couldn’t be more thrilled about signing up for ShoeDazzle. I know that every time I put on a pair of their shoes, go out wearing one of their cross-body bags, or toss on one their comfy denim jackets, I’m wearing fairly priced, customized additions to my wardrobe that enhance my style. I have absolutely no regrets about ditching Fashion Nova and joining the club of my dreams.

Interested in getting in on the ShoeDazzle club? Join now to get 75% off your first style. Just be careful — you might just find yourself with more super cute shoes than you know what to do with!

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