The Easiest Way For Men To Start A Skincare Routine

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There aren’t many things I hate more than the acne scars on my face. Those little reminders of my high school bouts with acne make me so self-conscious, even well into adulthood.
I know I’m not the only person who notices my acne scars, and that anxiety has crept into my love life, too. I’ll go on what I thought were fun, enjoyable first dates and never hear from the person again. It’s tough to even put myself out there anymore — why would I go on more dates when I just expect rejection?
I was starting at zero – I normally just wash my face in the shower with whatever soap is in there. Honestly, most guys are like that. I don’t know a single dude who regularly slathers expensive lotions or scrubs all over their faces, and they’ve seemed to get along in the world just fine. But skincare is important for men, as all these failed dates were signaling.

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I went to the drugstore in search of a solution, but I had no idea what to pick. It felt like there were a million vials and jars to choose from, and I had no clue where to begin. When I got home after that drugstore trip, I saw an ad online for Skin Co., a no-frills skincare line tailored to men.
Right away, I was thrilled with the simplicity of the system. With only three options to choose from —  Classic Maintenance, Age Management, and Correction Trio — choosing the right product was way easier than on my drugstore visits. I selected the Classic Maintenance set, a three-step system formulated to help reduce acne scars, and started my free trial. All it cost was a $7.99 shipping fee, and if I didn’t like it, I could just cancel the trial at no cost.

I began with the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser, which is formulated to rid your pores of dirt, oils, and other clogging agents without ruining your skin’s natural protective barrier. I next used the Reload Exfoliating Rub, which promotes the generation of new skin cells to work against scars. I finished off with the Premium-Grade Moisturizing Balm, which specifically targets acne scars.
At first, I thought I couldn’t commit to it or I’d forget to do it every day, but I was surprised to see how quickly I adapted the system into my normal, everyday routine. I did it once after my morning shower and again right before calling it a night. The whole thing took maybe four minutes in total each day.
Skin Co.’s website says that it takes about three to four weeks of consistent use to see results, but results start to show in seven days. Like clockwork, one week in, I noticed that my skin was definitely smoother (read: more kissable). By the end of the four-week trial, I noticed my acne scars were actually beginning to fade. And it literally only took four extra minutes a day.
Skin Co.’s routine is super easy, and so is making sure I don’t fall behind on my supply. Once I decided to keep going with the Skin Co. routine, all I needed to do is log in into my account and click a few buttons to renew my bimonthly subscription. At $48, the products are a good chunk cheaper than the prices I saw at the drugstore. There’s even a discount for military personnel and veterans, disabled people, non-profit workers, and more. (Plus, I didn’t have to go anywhere to buy them — amazing!)
I know I’m not the only one whose life has been transformed by Skin Co. The hundreds of reviews on its website come from guys just like me who wanted better skin but had no idea how to get it. Now, I can log back into my dating apps and jump back into swiping right with confidence — with a whole new profile picture to match.

Update: Skin Co’s Free Trial Offer Is Back In Limited Stock But Most Popular Products Might Be Sold Out.

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