Planning a Spring Break Vacation? Here’s Where To Go

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What better way to take a break from school than to get far away from it?

Spring break is a time for students, teachers, and staff alike to take a break from academics and enjoy some fun in the sun, go on a volunteer trip, or just hang out at home with friends or family.  Often, beachfront cities are at the top of people’s spring break getaway lists. Although you can’t go wrong with giving the classic beach trip a shot, we have plenty of other ideas for you. Check out our getaway ideas — beach and otherwise — and a place that’s perfect for each category:

A beachfront, youthful city: Miami

Miami is a common spring break getaway for college students, and for good reason. There, you can relax on the beach and let your worries about classes fade away, go to clubs at night to really let loose, enjoy the city’s legendary Cuban food, and treasure the warm weather when some universities still have snow on the ground.

A warm urban center: Los Angeles

Many major American cities suffer intensely cold winters, but Los Angeles boasts pleasant weather year-round A visit there in March offers an experience as urban and people-heavy as in New York or Chicago, but without the cold weather and high winds that can dominate these cities before spring arrives.

A cultural mecca: Nashville

Nashville is well known as the United States’ biggest tourist attraction for all things country music. A trip there offers all the perks of traveling to a major American city — people everywhere, abundant restaurants, ample shopping — with all but inescapable exposure to one of the country’s most prevalent and historical forms of entertainment. And the best part is, March temperatures tend to hover around 60 degrees — not quite beachy, but certainly not cold.

An overseas trip: Lisbon

If you’re really looking to get away, Lisbon is among the European cities geographically closest to the United States. It sits right along a river and lies just east of the Atlantic Ocean, and its waterfront setting offers some of the most beautiful views you’ll see anywhere in Europe. The city’s cultural offerings are countless as well, from its food all the way down to its centuries-old architecture.

A national park: Yosemite

Yosemite, located a few hours east of San Francisco, is one of the country’s most renowned national parks. During the spring, the weather tends to hover around a modest and manageable 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Visit the park’s iconic Half Dome for views you’ll absolutely never forget, or head to Yosemite Falls — during spring, the water flows more intensely than at any other time of year.

A mix of everything: New Orleans

New Orleans’ revered French Quarter district retains the culture of the Creole people who have long occupied the city. The district, like much of the city, hasn’t succumbed to the culture-erasing effects that can accompany gentrification. New Orleans thus offers amazing cultural experiences, incredible food, and plenty of family-friendly activities. Bourbon Street, located in this district, explodes with clubgoing young people at night — seriously, New Orleans has everything.

Where have you traveled, or will travel soon, that’s not on this list? Have you been to any of the cities we’ve listed here? Let us know in the comments!

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