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I’m sure you hear this from moms all the time, but there’s nothing I love more than my kids. I cherish every moment I spend with Jake and Celine: taking them to the park, playing games with them after dinner, reading them bedtime stories. I have to admit, though: taking them to the mall for new clothes is tiring.

Kids get cranky, impatient, and bored. My nerves end up on the fritz when Jake darts out of Gymboree at the speed of lightning. This is not how I want to spend my weekends, evenings, or really any of my precious time off. However, since my kids grow out of their clothes so frequently, mall trips occur way more often than I want them to.Jake’s best friend’s mom, Carla, has three well-dressed kids, yet I’ve never heard her complain about mall trips like basically every other mom I know. As I found out recently, it’s because she doesn’t go. She let me in on her sanity-saving secret: FabKids.

Carla explained that FabKids works on a membership model. Their VIP program provides access to all the latest styles for 40% off. The monthly membership fee is a credit toward buying whatever she wanted to get for the kids. If there was no need to buy clothing that month, she could simply pause the plan and roll over the credit to the next month.

Carla sent me FabKids’ Instagram to scroll through their featured styles. I called the kids over and asked them to pick their favorites. Jake chose a button-down shirt with hot dogs and pizza slices on it, and Celine went for a floral-print pink dress. With their approval secured, I signed up and got their selections. The day after FabKids’ package arrived at my doorstep, the kids wore their new clothes to school, and they loved them.

Carla was totally on point: FabKids is exactly what I needed. But what exactly got me to ditch those mall brands? Here’s why I haven’t returned to the mall in months:

1.   FabKids Makes Shopping Easy — And Convenient

When I’d shop at Old Navy and Children’s Place, Jake and Celine took forever to find clothes they liked. With FabKids, Jake and Celine just have to click through new shoe and clothing options — and I don’t have to take time out of my busy schedule to drag them around.

Once the kids find what they want, I buy them. Before I know it, FabKids’ delivery lands right at my doorstep, and Jake and Celine ecstatically tear the package open and try on their new looks. If the kids change their minds, I can return or exchange them for free.

2.   FabKids Has Great Prices — And Discounts

Sure, Target and Kohl’s have affordable prices, but FabKids outdoes them, and its discounts are killer, too. They run incredible promotions all the time, including the recent (and unbeatable!) two for $10 shoe deal for new members.

Seriously, the savings are unreal: when I order clothes on FabKids, my $29.95 monthly membership fee is deducted from my cart total, which is already reasonable thanks to my membership discounts — as high as 40%! Plus, every time I use FabKids, I earn more points toward cash rewards and free clothes. With two growing kids, the discounts are a welcome relief.

3.   FabKids Feels, Looks, And Fits Great

Kids are always growing, so every mom knows that dreaded phrase: “It doesn’t fit anymore!” I’ve been hearing that way less often now — if that shirt I got Jake doesn’t fit, we can just exchange it for a new size.

Jake and Celine rock FabKids so well that other moms constantly ask me where I get their clothes. Usually, before I can answer, one of the kids jumps in with an enthusiastic, “FabKids!” I then tell the moms how comfy and cool the clothes are, and the kids just laugh and smile.

4.   FabKids Makes Adult Fashion Kid-Friendly

Until I joined FabKids, I didn’t think about how most stores design children’s clothes specifically for kids. FabKids instead takes adult styles and makes them kid-friendly.

Take the mostly-black romper I got for Celine last month. It’s a kid’s piece for sure, but it’s totally something I’d wear in an adult size. I can’t think of anything I ever got her from the mall brands that I could see myself in.

5.   FabKids Is Kid Tested — Literally

When I buy from FabKids, I know I’m getting clothes my kids will love. That’s because FabKids runs its designs past a board of actual six to nine-year-olds. FabKids lets these kids weigh in on its clothes and how they’re designed — and their opinions are taken seriously.

When I would bring the kids to Target or Old Navy, I wouldn’t know if their classmates would like what Jake and Celine chose. I’m not worried about that with FabKids: if the board of directors is sold on what Jake and Celine wear, so am I.

Join FabKids Today For 2 for $10 Shoes

I have no regrets about leaving the mall. I’ve felt significantly less stressed as a FabKids member, and the kids love it. They regularly get new clothes, and I pay completely fair prices for them without leaving home. I’m always certain they’ll be comfy in their new outfits, and I know other kids will think Jake and Celine are cool.

Interested in FabKids and want to see what it’s all about? If you join now, you can get a new VIP offer of two pairs of shoes from just $10 — and you’ll get free shipping!

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