3 Easy Ways Men Can Improve Their Skin For Free

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In today’s Instagram and online dating world, never before has personal appearance been pushed this far into the spotlight. This is leading more and more men to focus on their appearance. Here are 3 FREE ways men can improve their appearance and have healthier skin.

1. Wash Your Face

Seems obvious, but a lot of guys forget. Wash your face daily and after especially after exercise. Since regular bar soap often contains harsh ingredients that can be drying to the skin, wash your face with a mild facial cleanser and lukewarm – not hot – water.

2. Watch Your Shaving Technique:

For some men, multi-blade razors can work too well or shave too closely to your skin. If you often experience razor bumps, razor burns or ingrown hairs, use a single- or double-blade razor instead and do not stretch your skin taut while shaving. Before you shave, wet your skin and hair to soften it. Use a moisturizing shaving cream and shave in the direction of hair growth. Rinse after each swipe of the razor, and change your blade after five to seven shaves to minimize irritation.

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